Neighbourhood Plans - Latest News

Through the Localism Act the government is giving local communities new powers to have a direct say in the future development of their neighbourhood, parish or town. A Neighbourhood Plan is a planning document that guides and shapes development in the local area and is created by local people. Here you can get the latest updates for the Neighbourhood Plans currently in progress

Latest news

A map showing designated/proposed Neighbourhood Plan areas can be viewed on the Neighbourhood Plans Interactive Map.

Sprotbrough Neighbourhood Plan - Adopted

Following a referendum for the Sprotbrough Neighbourhood Plan which was held on Thursday 15 July 2021, Full Council adopted (made) the Plan at their meeting on 23 September 2021.

Rossington Neighbourhood Plan - Examination

Rossington Neighbourhood Plan - The consultation period has now ended. The Council has now appointed an independent assessor to undertake the examination; Nigel Mark McGurk BSc (Hons) MBA MCD MRTPI to undertake the examination. If you would like to be included to be notified of the Local Planning Authority's decision under regulation 19 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 on the plan proposal (whether to make or to refuse to make the Neighbourhood Development Plan) please contact

It is the responsibility of Doncaster Council to collate all the representations made and pass these on to the independent examiner, who will examine the plan documents and assess whether the plan is in line with legislation and can therefore proceed to a referendum.


Edenthorpe Neighbourhood Plan - Adopted

Following a referendum for the Edenthorpe Neighbourhood Plan which was held on Thursday 6 May 2021. Full Council adopted (made) the Plan at their meeting on 15 July 2021.

New funding available

Information on the availability of Technical Support and how to apply for a Neighbourhood Planning Grant can be found on the Locality Neighbourhood Planning website.

Designated Neighbourhood Plan Areas

Please use the following links for more information and status about the relevant designated Neighbourhood Plan areas in Doncaster:

Designation means that these areas and their Parish/Town Councils have approval to progress a plan for the designated area and no other Parish/Town Council or Neighbourhood Forum can complete a Neighbourhood Plan for the area.

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