Household Waste Recycling Centres

IMPORTANT INFORMATION - In order to complete essential drainage works, Carcroft HWRC will close at 4pm on Sunday 4 October and re-open at 9.30am on Monday 19 October. During this period Balby HWRC will be open 7 days a week. Unfortunately due to the area to be excavated it has not been possible to programme the works on the sites normal closure dates over several weeks. PLEASE NOTE - Armthorpe HWRC will continue to open at 9.30am until further notice.

HWRCs open for recycling and waste disposal

Household Waste Recycling Centres across Doncaster are open but with significant restrictions in place to protect staff and residents from the risk of coronavirus.

Please be mindful of the site rules and restrictions in place before loading your vehicle to visit a HWRC.

  • Adherence to the 2m social distancing guidelines.
  • A limit to the number of vehicles allowed to unload at any one time.
  • On-site traffic management systems in place.
  • Staff will not be able to assist with the handling or disposal of any item.
  • To maintain social distancing you should attend the HWRC alone, only one person is allowed out of the vehicle.  However, if an item is too large or too heavy, two people will be allowed out of the vehicle as long as they are from the same household and remain together at all times.  Individuals from the same vehicle must not split up or visit different skips or areas of the site separately.
  • Visitors with large items who bring someone with them to assist must make staff aware on arrival before any waste is unloaded.  The extra person is only allowed out of the vehicle while unloading the large item(s). They must stay in or return to the vehicle while other waste is unloaded.

Also, please consider how the time on site could be reduced during this period.  For example: Load together items that will be disposed of together, bagged green waste is quicker to unload than loose green waste.

Due to the quantity of waste delivered and the restrictions in place, residents should be aware that significant delays could be experienced. 

The number of vehicles allowed into the HWRC at any one time will be strictly limited to ensure social distancing can be maintained.

'No Waiting' restrictions are in place outside Armthorpe HWRC so please DO NOT queue on the highway in the interest of public safety.  If the site is full/closed please move on and return later. Please note that the 'No Right Turn' into Armthorpe HWRC is still in place and will continue to be so until further notice.

Please be aware last entry will be 6pm at all sites until further notice.  This is to allow for additional cleansing to be undertaken as part of our continued effort to help stop the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).  People may be turned away in advance of the closing time if the queue is long and unloading the vehicle would not be possible during opening hours.

Site users are asked to adhere to the site rules.  Abuse of staff will not be tolerated, body-worn cameras are in use.  

Vehicle Access

From Sunday September 13 -

  • Cars with trailers (maximum bed length 6ft/1.83m) with a valid permit
  • 4x4 pick-ups, small vans (under 6ft/1.83m) and large vans (over 6ft/1.83m) all with a valid permit 
  • Large vans (over 6ft/1.83m) with a valid permit are limited to one visit per day in order to allow more visitors use of the facility.  It is recommended that, where possible owners of large vans make a number of trips over several days rather than filling the vehicle to its capacity.

Types of waste you can bring

Due to the need to continue to provide additional capacity for some waste types on all sites, the following items will NOT be accepted at any of Doncaster’s HWRCs for recycling until further notice:

  • Plastic bottles
Plastic bottles can be recycled through the blue wheelie bin kerbside collection.

Household waste is typically waste that you would normally put into your wheeled bin(s) at home, items of furniture and electrical items that you would normally take with you when you move house if they were in good working order.

Household waste is not waste generated from any internal refurbishment work or exterior hard-landscaping work. Please see the download "Guidance on Construction and Demolition Wastes" on this page for further information about the restrictions in place regarding the disposal of this type of waste.

Site operatives are available on site to provide advice, if required.

Frequently asked questions about the re-opening and restrictions

Why are some vehicles being allowed onto Armthorpe before they open at 9.30am?

Pre-booked asbestos disposal and discretionary 'one-off' tips, for those with vehicles which do not qualify for a permit, have re-commenced. In order to reduce the impact that extra vehicles would have on an already busy site, an 8.30am to 9.30am time slot has been introduced for such appointments.  These appointments are controlled, vetted and authorised by the Waste & Recycling Team. It is these vehicles that you see being allowed on before 9.30am.

Why are the two-day closures still in place?

The contractors have the correct resources such as staff and vehicles to service all 14 sites across Barnsley, Doncaster and Rotherham (BDR). Providing extra resources at this time would require additional staff to be trained which would delay further the sites opening and be a financial burden that cannot be sustained.

Why can I only access certain sites from one direction?

It is anticipated that more residents than normal want to use the HWRCs, this is likely to impact on the roads outside. Therefore, it has been necessary to implement traffic management plans at some sites to prevent queues forming and obstructing the highway which would affect businesses and residents who live close to a site.

Why do the sites close periodically during the day?

It may be necessary to temporarily close sites: 
  • If vehicles are queuing on the highway
  • If skips need to be compacted or exchanged
  • If there are spillages that need to be cleared to keep the site safe
If the site is closed please return later in the day or on another day.

Why are there restrictions on the number of people allowed out of a vehicle to unload it?

Restricting the number of occupants in a vehicle will reduce the temptation for everyone to get out of the vehicle to help unload it; this would make social distancing on site very difficult to maintain. However, if you are bringing a large, bulky item to site such as a fridge-freezer or a sofa, then two adults are allowed out of the vehicle to unload together.

Why are staff not giving any assistance?

Staff will not be giving assistance to any site user in order to comply with the social distancing requirement to maintain a 2-metre distance between people. 

What do I do if I have large items I need to get rid of?

The Councils bulky waste collection service continues to operate as normal, further details are available on the Bulky Collections page.  The restrictions on large items being disposed of at HWRCs has been lifted, but where possible, please do not take them to Conisbrough HWRC, due to the size of the site there is no compaction machinery to crush down which increases the number of times the site is required to close whilst full skips are exchanged, reducing the number of visitors through the site.

Why are all types of waste not being accepted?

Initially some types of waste were not accepted because re-processing facilities were not open or operating at reduced capacity, but the majority of waste types are now being accepted.  The council is in regular discussion with our contractor and hope to have all waste types back on the sites soon.  In addition to this there was a need to provide extra skip capacity to cope with the demand to dispose of garden waste, due to the temporary cessation of the kerbside collection service and excess residual waste generated because residents were in lock-down and more waste being generated as a result. Please keep checking our website for updates.

Do the restrictions still apply to some types of waste?

Yes, the restrictions will still apply as they do now on waste types not classed as household waste.  The Council is not required to provide a free point of disposal for them.

What will happen if people consistently ignore the new traffic management systems or social distancing once on site?

If sites cannot be operated safely, including the management of traffic on the highway and in compliance with social distancing, then we will be required to take appropriate action.

Please note

  • Traffic management police will be patrolling the area to minimise the possibility of queues forming causing an obstruction on the highway.
  • Traffic management is in place – diversion signs to gain correct entry to Conisbrough HWRC and 'No Waiting' restrictions plus a 'No Right Turn' in place outside Armthorpe HWRC.
  • If the queues are long at closing time you may be refused entry and asked to return another day.
  • CCTV is in operation, and staff are wearing bodycams. Abuse towards staff will not be tolerated. Waste offloaded without permission is classed as fly-tipping.
  • Our staff reserve the right to refuse entry or ask you to leave the site immediately if you do not follow the site rules or the instructions of our staff,  you are abusive or fly-tip.
  • Please do not be offended if we inspect your vehicle before disposal or our staff refuse to take your items. 

There are six Household Waste Recycling Centres in Doncaster which accommodate for a wide range of free recycling and household waste disposal services.

Locations and opening times

Please be aware last entry will be 6pm at all sites.


Opening times

9.30am - 7pm, seven days a week - Please be aware the last entry will be at 6pm, though you may be refused entry depending on how many vehicles are queuing on site. This is because all vehicles have to be unloaded and off site by 7pm.

8.30am - 9.30am - Pre-booked asbestos and discretionary "one-off" tip appointments ONLY.

There is a 'No Waiting' restriction in place on Armthorpe Road - please DO NOT queue outside the site as this will result in the site being closed until queueing traffic has moved on


Armthorpe Road, Armthorpe, DN2 5QB



Opening times -


Balby will be open 7 days a week from Monday 5 October until Monday 19 October whilst Carcroft is closed

  • 9:30am - 7pm (1 April to 30 September) - Please be aware last entry will be 6pm
  • 9:30am - 5pm (1 October to 31 March) - Please be aware last entry will be 4pm
  • closed Tuesday and Wednesday only (Open Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday)


Springwell Lane, Balby, DN4 9AJ



Opening times -


Carcroft will be closed from 4pm on Sunday 4 October until 9.30am on Monday 19 October. Balby HWRC will be open 7 days a week during this period. If you have a permit for Carcroft you can use any HWRC of your choice whilst the site is closed.


  • 9:30am - 7pm (1 April to 30 September) - Please be aware last entry will be 6pm
  • 9:30am - 5pm (1 October to 31 March) - Please be aware last entry will be 4pm
  • closed Tuesday and Wednesday only (Open Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday)


Bentley Moor Lane, Carcroft, DN6 7BD



Opening times

  • 9:30am - 7pm (1 April to 30 September) - Please be aware last entry will be 6pm
  • 9:30am - 5pm (1 October to 31 March) - Please be aware last entry will be 4pm
  • closed Thursday and Friday only (Open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday)


Crookhill Road, Conisbrough, DN12 2AE



Opening times

  • 9:30am - 7pm (1 April to 30 September) - Please be aware last entry will be 6pm
  • 9:30am - 5pm (1 October to 31 March) - Please be aware last entry will be 4pm
  • closed Thursday and Friday only (Open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday)


Bootham Lane, Hatfield, DN7 4JT



Opening times

  • 9:30am - 7pm (1 April to 30 September) - Please be aware last entry will be 6pm
  • 9:30am - 5pm (1 October to 31 March) - Please be aware last entry will be 4pm
  • closed Tuesday and Wednesday only (Open Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday)


Bankwood Lane, Rossington, DN11 0PS


More places to recycle:

What can you take to a HWRC?*

  • asbestos (Armthorpe only) - see regulations on the Asbestos disposal page
  • batteries - car and household (car batteries are not accepted at Hatfield)
  • cans, tins and foil
  • cardboard
  • chipboard
  • cooking oil
  • domestic electrical items eg: washing machines, TVs, laptops,kettles,lawn mowers,tools etc
  • energy saving light bulbs
  • fluorescent tubes
  • fridge and freezers (please bring proof of residency in the borough if wanting to dispose of fridges, freezers & fridge-freezers)
  • glass
  • green waste
  • hardcore / rubble /soil - restrictions are in place on the quantity which can be disposed of, please the see document entitled " Guidance on Construction and Demolition Wastes"
  • hard plastics (except Conisbrough)
  • ink cartridges
  • liquid food cartons (Tetra Paks)
  • LP gas cylinders (except Hatfield and Conisbrough)
  • mattresses
  • non-ferrous metals
  • oil
  • paper
  • plasterboard (Armthorpe only) - see below and the document entitled " Guidance on Construction and Demolition Wastes" for quantity restrictions which apply
  • scrap metal (excluding vehicle parts)
  • shoes
  • textiles
  • tyres (maximum of four car tyres - no industrial/commercial vehicle tyres)
  • wood - restrictions are in place on the quantity which can be disposed of if from a small, internal DIY project or from the garden, please the see document entitled " Guidance on Construction and Demolition Wastes"

Plasterboard/gypsum (disposal at Armthorpe only) - regulations issued by the Environment Agency on 1 April 2009 prevent waste gypsum/plasterboard from being sent to landfill alongside bio-degradable waste. In line with these new regulations waste gypsum / plasterboard must be separated from all other items before being brought to the site. Plasterboard with tiles, insulation of any type and/or artex will not be accepted. Plasterboard will be recycled into new products. For further information and advice about the new regulations consult the Environment Agency

Access to HWRC sites:*

*Covid-19 restrictions apply. Please see above restrictions for further details.

  • HWRCs are free to use by only Doncaster residents in a private/domestic vehicle
  • Cars towing a trailer (maximum trailer bed length 6ft/1,8m without attachments to increase capacity), small vans (under 1.8 m including any attachments on the roof) and 4x4 pick-ups must display a valid entry permit
  • Vans over 1.8m  must display a valid permit but can only use Armthorpe HWRC. PLEASE NOTE Luton-type box vans and flatbed /tipper type vehicles can only access Armthorpe through the "on-off tip" system and are not eligible for a permit.
  • Sign-written commercial type vehicles are eligible for a permit provided pre-set conditions are met. these conditions can be found on the HWRC vehicle permit page.
  • Permits are available at no cost to Doncaster residents
  • HWRCs cannot be used for trade and commercial waste
  • Only one permit is allowed per residential property
  • A vehicle may only hold one permit for the address shown on the vehicles registration document
  • If you intend to hire a vehicle or your existing vehicle does not fall within the current permit scheme please see the information regarding discretionary "one-off" tips.


Vehicular permit

Permit applications are now being processed so if your vehicle needs a permit to access a HWRC you are advised to apply for a permit as soon as possible to ensure that you can still access the HWRC of your choice.

Please DO NOT email your supporting documentation to the Waste & Recycling Team as we are unable to access the on-line application system. Thank you.

Please note: a permit only provides permission to enter a nominated site and IS NOT a licence to deposit waste. A permit does not guarantee the acceptance/disposal of any types or quantity of waste at the HWRC. 

To obtain a HWRC vehicle permit, you must adhere to a series of terms and conditions.

The full list can be found via:

Pedestrian access

PLEASE NOTE - due to strict social distancing measures on all HWRCs, we are currently only able to allow pedestrian access, with a pedestrian permit ONLY, between 5pm and 6pm

Please note: a pedestrian permit only provides permission to enter a nominated site and IS NOT a licence to deposit waste. A permit does not guarantee the acceptance/disposal of any types or quantity of waste at the HWRC. 

Pedestrian access is allowed on HWRCs to any Doncaster resident who lives in a parish or village within which a HWRC is sited (provided that they live no more than one mile from the site), who either does not have access to a vehicle, or chooses not to use a vehicle to access site, apply for a permit via:

Discretionary "one-off" tips

PLEASE NOTE - these are now available but with changes to the way they are booked and time restrictions in place. Please see the information below 

Doncaster residents wishing to hire a vehicle, or owning a vehicle which cannot be granted a permit (with the exception of non-hire company sign-written commercial-type vehicles), to dispose of household waste can apply for access to Armthorpe by pre-booking a "one off" tip which will be given at the discretion of the Council.

Bookings can no longer be made on the day you wish to visit site.

All requests must be made no later than 2pm the day before you wish to visit and by 2pm on Friday if you require access on Saturday, Sunday or Monday: failure to do so may result in you being denied access to site. Requests to visit site on Bank Holiday Monday 31 August and/or Tuesday 1 September must be made no later than 2pm on Friday 28 August. 

Once your booking request has been received you will be contacted by telephone by a member of the Waste and Recycling Team who will check the information supplied is correct and at his/her discretion, give permission for the visit. We aim to do this as soon as possible but by 4pm on the day the booking is made at the latest. If you supply a mobile phone number please check for any voice-mails which we may have left where we have not been able to speak to you and call us back on the number that we will have left. PLEASE NOTE - when we call you it will display as 'PRIVATE NUMBER'.

Time slots have been introduced to try and ensure that customers booking a discretionary "one off" tip can gain access without having to queue too long or be in danger of being turned away due to the queueing area being at capacity.

Monday   8.30am to 9.30am   4.30pm  to 6pm
Tuesday   8.30am to 9.30am   4.30pm  to 6pm
Wednesday   8.30am to 9.30am   4.30pm  to 6pm
Thursday   8.30am to 9.30am   4.30pm  to 6pm
Friday   8.30am to 9.30am   4.30pm  to 6pm
Saturday   8.30am to 9.30am   4.30pm  to 6pm
Sunday   8.30am to 9.30am   4.30pm  to 6pm

PLEASE NOTE - the morning time slot is outside of the revised 9.30am opening time for Armthorpe, if choosing this slot please DO NOT arrive before 8.30am as staff will not open the gates prior to 8.30am. If you have chosen the morning time slot and arrive after 9.30am access may be granted at the discretion of site staff dependant on whether or not there is space in the queueing lane.

If you have chosen the afternoon time slot and arrive after 6pm you will not be allowed access, the site closes at 6pm, and will need to book another visit.

On arrival at site for both time slots, give your name to the person at the gate who will record your visit on their authorised booking sheet.

Discretionary "one off" tips can be booked by phoning 01302 736000 Monday to Friday only and please have the following information available:

  • name, contact telephone number and the address the waste is coming from
  • make,model,registration number and name of the hire company
  • the day and approximate time you would like to visit the site
  • a break-down of the items to be disposed off

Please do not go to site unless you have been contacted by a member of the Waste and Recycling Team and have been given permission for the visit.

PLEASE NOTE a "one-off" tip is just one visit. All such visits are at the discretion of the Council and only two visits per year, 6months apart, will be allowed from any domestic property within the borough. If you own the vehicle which is eligible for a permit as the current system stands, you are advised to apply for a permit.

Further information

HWRCs in Doncaster are operated by FCC Environment, a privately owned waste management company

Contact information

  • email:     Please DO NOT send supporting documentation for permits to this email address as Waste & Recycling are not responsible for the issuing of permits. Thank you.
  • tel: 01302 736000



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