Information about school admissions, including applying for a nursery, primary and secondary school place.

School information

A schools prospectus includes details of their Admission Policy and other information about the school. These are available free of charge from the school or by accessing the individual school's website.

Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP)

If your child has an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) you should contact the Special Educational Needs team.

For further information, please contact us:

Guidance you will need for the application process

When you are ready to apply use the above links which take you to the application page. 

The following tells you how to create an account and apply.  Once an account is created for your family you can use this account to check and make future applications.

Step 1:   If its your first time applying, CLICK “Create Account” (top left corner of the screen)

Step 2:   CLICKCitizens Account

Step 3:   ADD your Personal Details,

Step 4    CLICK “Create”.

Step 5:   You will be sent an email to your email address to check that it is correct.

Step 6:   CLICK the link in the email you have been sent. 

Step 7:   LOGIN to your new Parent Portal Account

Step 8:   CLICK “Add Child” (Green button on the right of the screen)

Step 7:   ADD your child’s details.

An application should now be available below your child’s name (bottom left of the screen).

Step 9:   CLICK “Application”

Step 10: ADD your details.

Step 11: SEARCH for your preferred school

When searching for a School you only need to use part of the School name.  You can ignore the other search boxes. 

Step 12: ADD you preferred School name to your application form by searching for the school:

You can ADD up to 3 schools.

Step 13: CHECK your Application and make any changes that you need.

Step 14: CLICK “Submit Application”


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