Cookies are small text files that are saved to your phone, tablet or computer when you visit a website.

Most cookies on this website site are used to store information that provide for a better user experience, for example, if a visitor had already selected to receive our newsletter, we would not repeatedly ask sign-up for newsletters by storing their choice in a cookie. We have classified these cookies below, as being 'Strictly necessary' for this website to function correctly.

We also use some 'Optional cookies' to store information about how visitors use the website, such as the pages they view.

You can find out more about cookies in general by visiting the

Optional cookies - Cookies that measure website use

We use Google Analytics to measure how visitors use the website so we can improve it based on user needs. Google Analytics sets cookies that store anonymised information about user interactions, including:

  • how visitors got to this website
  • the pages visited on this website and how long visitors spent on each page
  • what visitors clicked on while using this website

(We do not allow GoogleLLC to use or share the Analytics data collated via this website).

Google Analytics optional cookie settings

Please set your preference below regarding the use of Google Analytics cookies while you are using this website:

Strictly necessary cookies

These essential cookies do things like:

  • remember the notifications you've seen so we do not show them to you again
  • store details of your MyDoncaster account once you've logged in, so that you can automatically use features of the website which require you to be logged in.

This type of cookie needs to be permanently active for our website to function correctly.

A detailed overview of specific cookies

We have compiled a list of cookies that our website currently uses, it's in the drop-down below:

The cookies we use

Cookie summary Identifier(s) What are they for? How necessary are they?
Cookie information banner _dc_cookie_policy _dc_seen_cookie_message Controls the appearance of the cookies information banner that pops up when you first visit the site. This cookie is set on arrival to the site by default. It expires after a set time and is not set again unless a user changes their cookie settings. Strictly necessary as we need to show you this message so you know about our use of cookies.
Server load balancing ARRAffinity
These cookies are set by websites run on the Windows Azure cloud platform. Used for load balancing, they make sure web page requests are optimised for the best performance. Strictly necessary to provide the best performance of the site.
Newsletter Sign-up _dc_page_count
These cookies determine when (or if) we should show you the newsletter sign-up pop-up on our site. Strictly necessary as we only want to invite you to sign-up to our newsletter as infrequently as possible.
Audience type selection audTheme If you choose to display content as a 'resident', 'business' or 'visitor', we place this cookie to save your audience filter selection. Strictly necessary to allow the website to display information based on an audience selection.
Website forms authentication .DMBCWEBLIVEAUTH This cookie contains the encrypted forms authentication ticket. The ticket passed by the cookie is used by forms authentication, on the server, to identify an authenticated user. Strictly necessary, without this you will not be able to sign in to the site to access secure functionality.
Anti-forgery token _RequestVerificationToken This cookie contains an anti forgery token, to prevent cross-site request forgery attacks. It guarantees that the user posting the form is the same user that requested the form.  Strictly necessary, without this you will not be able to submit any forms.
These control the functionality of the ReachDeck toolbar, a screen reader and web page translation plugin we use to add speech, reading and translation support to our website. They remember things like where the toolbar is, if it is loaded and your speech & theme settings. Strictly necessary, without these, you will not be able to use the functionality offered by ReachDeck effectively, if at all.
Google Analytics _gid, _ga and _gat These cookies are 'analytical' ones which do things like recognise and count the number of visitors and to see how visitors move around the site when they’re using it. This helps us to improve the way our website works, for example by making sure users are finding what they need easily.

Optional. We get useful information from these cookies which helps to improve the website for you and the value for money from any information campaigns we run.

You can also choose to opt out of Google Analytics cookies for all websites that you visit (not just this one).