Commercial waste and recycling

We provide a range of waste and recycling collection and disposal services for businesses and educational establishments in Doncaster.

On this page are details of commercial waste and recycling collections as well as online forms to request a quote or more information.

Waste collection service

Our commercial refuse collection service offers a variety of containers to suit your every need, special arrangements can also be made for other wastes including bulky wastes.

We collect:

  • any waste defined as Commercial Waste (Environmental Protection Act 1990 (S.75)
  • Commercial or Household Waste - e.g. packaging, office/shop waste
  • catering/food waste (not uncooked meat)
  • plastics

Unfortunately we cannot collect hazardous, liquid or industrial (construction & demolition) wastes.

Food waste which includes animal products is subject to the Animal By Products (Enforcement) (England) Regulations 2011.  Please see the download "ABPR Waste Food Disposal Leaflet" on this page for further information about what can be disposed of in your commercial waste bin and what cannot. For further advice on food premises and the collection and disposal of animal by products, please contact Doncaster Council Enforcement and Environmental Protection, Animal Health Team on 01302 736000 or visit:

Recycling collection Service

We are committed to increasing the amount of waste recycled in Doncaster and provide a bespoke recycling service to the borough's businesses in order to divert waste from landfill. Material diverted for recycling could enable your business to reduce the residual waste container size or frequency of collections saving the environment by reducing the amount sent to landfill, but also saving your business money.

Customers are able to commingle their recycling material in the same bin. The materials that are accepted for recycling are:

  • Paper (including shredded paper)
  • Cardboard (large pieces should be broken up so they fit in the bin)
  • Tins
  • Cans
  • Foil
  • Empty aerosols
  • Plastic bottles


Payment for the service is required in advance, this can be a one off payment or by instalments - monthly, quarterly or bi-annually, you can pay by:

Enquiry/contact form

Please complete the online enquiry form below for more information, including a quote. We can also arrange to visit your premises to discuss possible options with you.

Your waste - your responsibility:

  • if you produce, carry, import, keep, treat or dispose of waste you have a legal 'duty of care' to make sure your waste is handled safely and passed to people authorised to receive it.
  • as a business you are legally required to provide details of the type of waste you are disposing of and to ensure that the company who collects, transports and disposes of it is registered to do so.

Our collection contractor, SUEZ Environment Ltd, is registered with the Environment Agency as a waste carrier and we will provide you with an annual waste transfer note (duty of care) to help you to fulfil your legal obligations.

Business waste handbook

We have produced a Business waste handbook attached below to help businesses manage their waste effectively and save money:

Business waste handbook
Download (4.26MB)

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions of the collections service can be downloaded below:

Terms and Conditions
Download (96KB)
We offer very competitive rates - complete an online enquiry form below for a quote. Fees for waste collection services vary depending on factors including container size/type, quantity and collection frequency. 
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