City of Doncaster Council offer Waste collection and disposal services for Commercial customers based in Doncaster.

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New customers

The Commercial Waste Team will carry out a non obligatory waste audit at your premises. We will then provide you with a personalised quotation.

You will be guaranteed a reliable, flexible and compliant service.

Why choose City of Doncaster Council for your waste collections

  • The service is guaranteed to be compliant.
  • There are no long term contracts.
  • Our fleet is dedicated to servicing Doncaster residents and businesses, this allows us to offer a reactive and flexible service.
  • There are no hidden costs, the price quoted is an all inclusive cost.
  • Our team have extensive waste industry knowledge and can tailor a service to your needs.

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Existing customers

If you are a current customer with an enquiry relating to your service, contact us using the form below. 

Please ensure you keep your contact details up to date as we send out important updates via email and phone.



Your waste - your responsibility (DUTY OF CARE)

If you produce, carry, import, keep, treat or dispose of waste you have a legal 'duty of care' to make sure your waste is handled safely and passed to people authorised to receive it. As a business you are legally required to provide details of the type of waste you are disposing of and to ensure that the company who collects, transports and disposes of it is registered to do so.  Our collection contractor, SUEZ Environment Ltd, is registered with the Environment Agency as a waste carrier and we will provide you with an annual waste transfer note (duty of care) to help you to fulfil your legal obligations.

General Waste collection service

The Commercial Waste Service currently offer a range of container sizes from 240ltr to 1100ltr bins for general waste.
We work with businesses to reduce general waste and increase recycling rates where possible.
'Other wastes' listed below should not be placed in your general waste bin.

Recycling collection Service

With extensive knowledge in the Waste and Recycling industry, our Team work with our customers to achieve their recycling goals.
We will advise how you can apply the waste hierarchy to increase recycling rates.

Recycling containers can currently include the following materials: 
  • Paper (shredded paper to be bagged) 
  • cardboard (No cores) 
  • Tins 
  • cans
  • Foil 
  • Empty aerosols 
  • Plastic bottles regardless of type (lids to be taken off and placed in the same bin unless manufactured attached)
Please note we do not currently collect any other materials for recycling in this bin however these materials can be placed in your general waste bin to be recycled via other methods.

Food Waste

City of Doncaster Council do not currently offer a separate food collection for Commercial Customers.
Food waste is collected within our general waste bins.

The facility that handle your general waste has a dedicated process to recycle food via anaerobic digestion. 

From March 2025 all businesses in the UK will by law, have to segregate their food waste for a separate collection. 

City of Doncaster Council will assist you with these changes.

Please read our section on 'Simpler Recycling' to find out more about upcoming legislation.

Other Waste

We can not collect the following materials directly however we could direct you to local trusted service providers who will manage this waste compliantly.

  • Hazardous
  • liquid
  • Inert(Construction and Demolition)
  • WEEE (Electrical including Vapes, lightbulbs and batteries)
  • Green waste
  • Segregated Food waste
  • Glass
  • Composite (Clothes and Shoes)
  • Tyres
  • Medical
  • Animal By-products


Where does my waste go?

General waste is collected by the Councils' service contractor, Suez Ltd. This waste is delivered to a dedicated site in Manvers (Rotherham)
Please visit the BDR webpage to find out more.

Once recycling is collected, it is tipped at the Councils' Waste Transfer Station in Doncaster. Here it is bulked and re-loaded to be taken to a Materials Recycling Facility in the UK where the items are processed and recycled. 

All materials are recycled where possible, less than 1% of material collected is delivered to landfill. This option is used as a last resort.

Simpler Recycling Regulations

Owners of commercial premises are advised that new legislative requirements will come into effect, 1st April 2025, that will require a person who presents commercial waste for collection that is similar in nature and composition to household waste (“relevant waste”), to ensure that relevant waste is collected separately for recycling or composting.
Relevant waste means:

(a) glass;
(b) metal;
(c) plastic;
(d) paper and card;
(e) food waste.

Please note that relevant waste falling within categories (a) to (d) must be collected separately from waste within category (e). i.e. from 1st April 2025, all business producing these types of waste will need to have separate bins for general waste, mixed recycling and food. 

City of Doncaster Council will communicate with all current commercial customers to ensure they remain complaint
All updates will be shown on this page and communicated across our social media channels . Follow our Linkedin Page Commercial Waste Team Doncaster


We have produced a business waste handbook to help businesses manage their waste effectively and save money which can be downloaded below:

Download (1.75MB - PDF)

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions of the collections service can be downloaded below:

Terms and Conditions - Commercial Waste
Download (32KB - 


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