We have a number of features designed to make our website as accessible as possible for as many people as possible. Each feature is listed below with more details about how they work.

Other accessibility features can be controlled directly in your browser. The BBC's 'My web my way' page is a great resource to learn more about how you can make the web easier to use for you.

If you have particular concerns about the accessibility of our website you can complete the feedback section at the bottom of any of our web pages or email us at

Listen to our website

Visitors to the Doncaster Council website can choose to listen to the content being read out loud to them using an application called BrowseAloud.

We have speech enabled our website so that information can be accessed more easily by people who have difficulty reading, have dyslexia, mild visual impairments or where English is not their first language.

BrowseAloud will also read accessible PDF documents, hyperlinks and image descriptions. We aim to make our website as fully accessible as possible to all our visitors and we hope that BrowseAloud goes some way to achieve these aims.

Using Browsealoud Plus

BrowseAloud Plus is free and you don't need to download anything - simply select the EN link at the top of the page or the Speech Enable link at the bottom of the page. BrowseAloud Plus works on PC, Mac and mobile devices (including smartphones and tablets).

If you want to find out more about how the application works you can visit the BrowseAloud website.

Recommended Platforms & Browsers


  • Internet Explorer 8 and greater (IE9 or greater for PDF Reading and Simplifier)
  • Firefox (latest release)
  • Chrome (latest release)


  • Safari (latest release)


  • Latest release


  • iOS: Safari (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, latest release)
  • Android: Chrome (Android v3 and greater, latest release)

BrowseAloud may work on other platforms and browsers.

BrowseAloud reads websites out loud. It's free to use.

Problems with BrowseAloud

If you experience any problems using BrowseAloud, particularly if you are a user of Firefox we recommend you have a read of their support pages which may help you.