Edenthorpe Neighbourhood Development Plan - Made

Edenthorpe Town Council Neighbourhood Development Plan

The area covered by the Edenthorpe Neighbourhood Plan can be viewed on the Neighbourhood Plans Interactive Map.

Edenthorpe Neighbourhood Plan area was designated 20 December 2016. The Edenthorpe Plan area cover the whole of the parish of Edenthorpe.

Following initial consultation in March 2019 (Regulation 14) a submitted Plan (Regulation 16) and evidence documents was received and consulted on for a period of 6 weeks in September/October 2019.

The Council appointed an independent Examiner Peter Biggers BSc Hons MRTPI to review whether the plan met the basic conditions required by legislation and whether the plan should proceed to referendum. The Examiner’s Report concluded that the plan met the basic conditions, and that subject to the modifications proposed in the report the plan should proceed to a Referendum.

Edenthorpe Neighbourhood Plan

Following a successful Referendum on Thursday 6 May 2021, the Edenthorpe Neighbourhood Plan was 'made' (adopted) by Full Council on Thursday 15 July 2021 and forms part of Doncaster's Development Plan.

Edenthorpe Neighbourhood Plan Adopted July 2021
Download (7.47MB - PDF)
Final Decision Statement - July 2021
Download (937KB - PDF)
Edenthorpe Parish Boundary Map
Download (1.26MB)
Edenthorpe NP Examiners Report Final
Download (701KB - PDF)
Edenthorpe Neighbourhood Development Plan Declaration of Results
Download (172KB - PDF)
Edenthorpe Neighbourhood Development Plan Basic Conditions Statement
Download (201KB - PDF)

The Neighbourhood Plan now forms part of the existing statutory Development Plan for Doncaster and shall be used when either applying for planning permission or determining planning applications within the Neighbourhood Plan Area.

Some supporting documents within our Neighbourhood Plan pages are now archived, please contact localplan@doncaster.gov.uk to request any further information.

Read more about the Neighbourhood Plan on the Edenthorpe Parish Council website.

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