The council is responsible for maintaining the roads (technically known as 'carriageways') and pavements (known as 'footways') of adopted highways within the borough.

An adopted highway is one where the council has taken on the legal responsibility for maintenance.

Every adopted highway is inspected on a regular basis. Any area of road or pavement which the inspector identifies as an imminent danger to road users or pedestrians is noted and a repair arranged.

If during this inspection any streets are judged to need more extensive treatment they are listed and their condition is visually assessed at a later date. Each year the council draws up an annual structural maintenance programme.

Report an issue with a pavement, road or highway

Should you wish to report an issue with a pavement, road or highway then please complete and submit the following e-form:

The council's customer services can be contacted in any emergency during office hours (Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5pm) on 01302 736000.
In an emergency out of hours contact 01302 341628 (this is a service provided outside normal office hours, including weekends and holidays).

Claim for car damage from a pothole

To claim for damage to your car from a pothole, visit our insurance page. This provides more information on the procedures when submitting a claims insurance form.

Personal injury on the highway

Any hazard in the highway (road or pavement) caused as a result of an accident, damage or vandalism may be considered a risk to the public and could result in personal injury to pedestrians, road users or possible damage to property. Visit the following page to report a hazard and to make a claim: Personal injury on the highway

Highway Maintenance Policies & Strategies

For information on Doncaster Council's Highway Maintenance Policies & Strategies visit the following page

Highway Maintenance Policies & Strategies

Highway Maintenance programme

Find out about the works programmes that have been approved to be undertaken in 2019/20 by visiting the following page:

Highways programme of works

Additional funding for highway maintenance

Information about where the additional grant funding from the Department for Transport for highway maintenance was used can be found on:

Who manages the motorways?

Highways England are responsible for managing, maintaining and improving England's motorways. It is responsible for the A1/M, the M18 and the M180 within the Doncaster Borough area.

Information about Highways England can be found on their website at:


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