Department for Transport- additional funding

Requests made by us to the Department for Transport for additional highways maintenance funding.

DfT Additional Funding - Statement as at 31st March 2019

The following statement is made in compliance with the grant conditions in respect of additional funding for highway maintenance having been provided by the Department for Transport (DfT).

This statement outlines how and where the additional funding was spent in complementing Doncaster Council's annual planned maintenance expenditure.

The additional grant funding received from the DfT for use in 2018/19 was used to identify and undertake some 25,000sqm of permanent carriageway patching and 3.7km of resurfacing of carriageways within the Doncaster Borough

Much of the work was undertaken on the urban road network in order to achieve the greatest benefits to Doncaster’s citizens, some of the works remain ongoing into the new financial year.

  Crossfield Lane Service Road, Carcroft before and after photos

The patching works that have been undertaken are aimed at preserving and restoring the condition of local roads in Doncaster, a number of which will be followed up with a preventative surface dressing treatment in accordance with good practice recommendations. This treatment seals the road surface helping to restore its surface integrity and prolong its life.  By utilising this maintenance strategy it will effectively secure the significant investment made in the patching process and will help support the long term durability and performance of the local road network in Doncaster.

The additional DfT funding received compliments Doncaster’s own funding and it supports a robust two stage process of patching and surface dressing at a borough wide level.

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