Young people with SEND may start thinking about living independently as they get older. It is very important that they have choices and control when making decisions about their lives. For young people with an education, health and care (EHC) plan, independent living options will be discussed with them as part of their transition planning from Year 9 onwards.

Finding Somewhere to Live

Independent Living Guide - Doncaster Council

We can help provide services and advice to help people live as independently as possible, both at home and in the community. The Independent Living Guide has been developed with and for disabled people and older people in conjunction with Doncaster Council.

We all need to be as independent as possible and have choice and control over our lives. The guide gives information and advice based on the life experiences encountered by the development group and feedback from consultation events. All the information in the guide has been incorporated into the relevant sections of the Local Offer. 

Inspiring Futures Team for Care Leavers 

The Inspiring Futures Team is a dedicated service for young people aged 17-25 who either are currently in care or have been in care. The team is made up of a combination of Social Workers, Personal Advisors, and Education, Training, and Employment (ETE) Advisors. 

In order to understand the type of support that you will receive from the leaving care service, you will need to understand some key words which are used to describe each category of care leaver. These key words and their definitions are described below. If when you have read the key words you still need help to understand them, you should discuss these with your Social Worker or Personal Advisor.

An Eligible Young Person is aged 16/17, has been looked after by the Doncaster Council/Children’s Trust for a period of 13 weeks since the age of 14 and who remains looked after. The period of 13 weeks, need not have been continuous and can be of a series of shorter periods during which the young person was Looked After. The period of care must cross their 16th birthday.

As an Eligible Care Leaver you will be allocated a Social Worker from the Inspiring Futures Team. Your Social Worker will hold your case and will be responsible for the preparation of your Pathway Plan with you.

If you are an eligible Care Leaver you will remain allocated to your Social Worker until you are 18 years old when you become Former Relevant. Some Eligible and Former Relevant young people who have very complex needs, will be supported by a Social Worker beyond their 18th birthday.  You will then be allocated to a Personal Advisor. Your Personal Adviser will assist you in preparing for your transition to adult life.

If you are a Child in Care and supported by the Children with Disability Service, your current Social Worker will continue to support you as a Care Leaver until your transition to Adult Services. The Inspiring Futures Team will allocate you a Personal Advisor to work alongside your existing Social Worker who will be available to support your transition to Adult Services. Your Personal Advisor will take over responsibility for the preparation of your Pathway Plan when you reach 18 and achieve Former Relevant status.

We work with each young person to draw up a Pathway Plan which focuses on the following areas: Personal Support, Accommodation, Education/Training/Employment, Health, Independent Living, Family Contact, Hobbies, Social and Leisure, Financial Support, being a Young Parent or Carer, Ethnicity/Culture Identity. Each area will also have a contingency plan.

We want every young person who has been looked after in the care system to be successful and to know that they have someone on their side who can support them up to the age 21, or to 25 if they require further support.

Please visit the Inspiring Futures Team website for further details or contact the team using the contact number below.

Tel: 01302 736551

Doncaster Council - Home Improvements and Grants

We offer limited housing-related grants to help with keeping people independent and improving their quality of life. Disability facilities grants These are grants to help disabled people lead a more independent life or achieve a better quality of life.

They can provide items including stair lifts and hoists, ramps and rails, bathing adaptations and any improvements that they would deem helpful.

Our Home Improvement Agency (HIA) helps older, disabled and vulnerable homeowners or private tenants to repair, improve, maintain or adapt their homes.

The prime purpose is to help people continue to live in their own homes in comfort, safety, security, maintaining their independence and improving their quality of life.

Should you have any queries, comments or questions regarding the HIA Agency you need to complete an enquiry form.

Live Inclusive (Previously South Yorkshire for Inclusive Living)

We have a variety of services for disabled people and those living with long term conditions. Services include:
  • Physiotherapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Information
  • Support at appointments
  • Help to increase confidence and reduce social isolation

For more information, visit the Live Inclusive website, or:

Tel: 01302 892949

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