A new arrivals birth should be registered within 42 days - Doncaster Registration Service provides a service to register baby's born in the district of Doncaster


***Please make a note of the appointment slot that you select, as you will not receive email confirmation of this***

***** This webpage is to arrange an appointment to register a birth that occurred in the district of Doncaster only (not Bassetlaw) *****

Births are registered in the registration district that they occurred, not the district where the family reside.

**** If you make an appointment using this webpage for a birth that occurred in a neighbouring district (eg Bassetlaw, Rotherham, Barnsley, Sheffield), you will be contacted to cancel the appointment and you will need to rebook in the correct district. Any fees that you have paid for birth certificates when booking online for a baby born outside the Doncaster district will take up to 14 days to refund. ****


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