Bins and boxes for waste and recycling

Details of what you can put in your bins and box.

Types of collections and containers

We provide several different containers for different types of waste and recycling:

Collection time

On your collection day, please put your blue bin and green box out wherever your black and green bins are currently collected from, unless you receive a letter from the council telling you otherwise. Please ensure that your bins and boxes are put out for collection before 7am on the correct day and taken in when emptied.

Missed collection

If your bin hasn’t been emptied by 5pm on the collection day you can report a missed collection online:

Changes to collections

For updates and information on collections during periods of bad weather follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Assisted collection

We can help with collections if you are unable to take your bin or box to the kerbside (pull out service) because of disability or ill health. 

More places to recycle

Further information

  • tel: 01302 736000
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