Green box - glass recycling

Details about what you can recycle in your green box, how it's collected plus information about missed collections and replacement containers.

What you can recycle

You can recycle the following in your green box:

Yes please

  • glass bottles and jars (empty)

No thanks

  • Greetings Cards (Christmas, Birthday) with glitter, ribbons
  • broken glass (please put this in your black bin)
  • used nappies
  • cardboard that has been in contact with take-away food
  • black bags / bin liners
  • quilts, pillows and cushions

What happens to the contents of my green box?

  • glass can be made in to new glass,
  • alternative uses can include building new roads


  • green boxes are collected every fortnight on the same day as your blue bin and green bin is collected
  • don't forget - put your box out to the edge of your property by 7am and take them in when emptied.
  • please help to prevent littering by containing your recyclables correctly, especially on windy days

Changes to collections

  • during bank holidays at Christmas and New Year please refer to the following page for changes to your collections: Bank holiday recycling and refuse collections.
  • for updates and information on collections during periods of collection uncertainty, including bad weather follow Doncaster Council on Facebook and Twitter.

Order a new green box or box lid

Report missed collection

 Further information

Last updated: 25 September 2020 11:45:38