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What do I do if a tag is attached to my bin

The tag used shows which materials are accepted for recycling in the blue bin and is used by staff to communicate any issue at the time of collection. Please have a look at what is marked on the tag, there maybe action you need to take before your bin can be emptied

Your bin contains items we can't collect 

If your bin has not been emptied you should remove those items we can't collect and present your bin again on your next blue bin collection day. Please don't use bags for your recycling, place loose materials in your blue bin.

It may be appropriate to place those items removed in your black bin or take them to your nearest Household Waste Recycling Centre

Please view our handy Quick Recycling Guide available as a download at the bottom of this page

Your bin lid was raised

Excess material which is not properly contained within the bin has prevented the bin being emptied safely.  Please present your bin on the next blue bin collection day with the lid closed. 

If you regularly generate more recycling than you can contain in the bin you can request additional capacity.

Your bin was damaged on arrival 

The bin is not safe to empty, this could be for many reasons such as the wheels have fallen off or there is large crack in the bin. 

You should contact the council to arrange for repair or replacement

Additional bags were presented

Bags containing additional materials for recycling cannot be accepted.  Please contain all materials for collection in the bin with lid closed or place them in a sturdy cardboard box by the bin.  Please consider the weather and prevent littering.

If you regularly generate materials you cannot fit in the bin, you can request additional capacity.

We damaged your bin during collection

Accidents can happen, sometimes the bin may get damaged during the collection process, this should be recorded and reported at the time so a repair can be made or replacement delivered.

Please return your bin in to the boundary of your property, ensuring it is accessible so the necessary action can be taken.


What should I do so my blue bin is collected?

  • place only those items that are accepted for collection in your blue bin
  • put your bin out to the edge of your property by 7am on your collection day and take it back in when emptied
  • with the exception of any small electrical items, all waste must be presented inside your blue bin
  • additional cardboard can be placed in a sturdy cardboard box at the side of the bin
  • please ensure the lid is firmly closed to prevent littering

Small electrical items (such as toasters or kettles) can be put in a plastic bag next to your blue bin or green box

Glass bottles and jars are collected from your green box.


When is my collection?

You can check when your collection day is by using the paper calendar that is delivered annually or by using the interactive calendar by clicking on the button below.

For updates and information on collections during periods of bad weather follow Doncaster Council on Facebook  and Twitter


Report a missed collection

To report that your bin has not been collected on your scheduled collection day, please see our missed bin collection form.


Other questions you may have

What goes in my blue bin

Please do not use plastic bags or wheeled bin liners, simply place it straight into the bin.
  • Paper (including shredded paper which should be contained in an old envelope, paper bag or similar) but not wrapping paper, gift bags,books, paper towels or tissues, envelopes but not padded ones
  • Cardboard (large pieces should be broken up so they fit in with the lid closed), but not greetings cards with glitter, foil or ribbons or take-away pizza boxes.
  • Tins
  • Cans
  • Foil
  • Empty aerosols
  • Plastic bottles and bottle lids.  Please take the bottle lids off before putting them in your blue bin. The lids can also go into your blue bin
  • Lids from glass bottles and jars

Why can I not put plastic pots, tubs and trays in my blue bin?

Low grade plastics like plastic food trays, yogurt pots and plastic bags are difficult to separate and send for recycling. These items should go in your black bin where they will be used to create ‘refuse derived fuel’ – a replacement to fossil fuel that will be used to generate partially renewable electricity which is fed in to the national grid.

I have help with my collections, will I also get help with my blue bin?

If the collection crews currently collect your other bins and box from your property because you are unable to bring them to your collection point, we will automatically collect all bins and boxes from this point.

Why do I need to put glass in my green box when everything else goes in my blue bin?

Your recyclables will be collected and tipped a number of times during the journey from your home to the recycling facility, and at each stage there is a high risk of glass being broken. The shards of glass would mix with your other recyclables and make it harder for them to be recycled. By collecting glass separately we are making sure that as much of your recycling as possible is turned into something new.

I use sacks or a small black bin for my waste which has been agreed with the Council, can I get a blue bin?

If you use a small black bin or receive a sack collection service a blue bin would also be unsuitable.  An alternative collection method will be provided ensuring you have the ability to recycle the same materials, likely via a kerbside box.  

Where is my blue bin collected from?

All bins (blue, black and green) are collected from the same location.  If you are required to present it in another location this would be communicated in writing.

My bin is damaged or missing - what do I do?

Please visit our ordering a new or replacement bin page for information on reporting a damaged blue bin.



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