Apply for an assisted collection

We can help with collections if you are unable to take your bins and boxes to the kerbside because of disability or ill health through our 'pull out service'. 

Eligibility criteria:

To be eligible to apply for this service:

  • you must permanently live at the property for which the application is made
  • you must have a genuine reason for not being able to take your bins and boxes to the normal collection point (the council reserves the right to request evidence of any infirmity or disability)
  • there must not be another able bodied person aged 16 or over living at the property who could reasonably be expected to take the bins and boxes to the kerbside for collection
  • the distance from where the property's bins and boxes are located to the normal collection point must be no more than 20 meters

 and you must be able to provide evidence that you meet one of the following criteria:

  • aged 80 or over
  • have a registered disability (Blue Badge holder)
  • in receipt of Disability Living Allowance (mobility or care at the high rate)
  • in receipt of Attendance Allowance
  • in receipt of Personal Independence Payment (PIP)
  • in receipt of free personal care
  • not in receipt of any disability benefits, but can provide suitable documentary evidence of a disability
  • elderly or frail with a written reference from a Carer or Healthcare Professional
  • suffering  from short or long term illness with a medical certificate or letter from a Hospital / Doctor confirming incapacity
  • pregnant and living alone with no one able to offer support
  • blind or visually impaired and living alone with no one  able to offer support

To request this service:

  • call 01302 736000
  • it is not currently possible to request this service online, but we are developing an online form which will be made available on this page shortly
To report a missed assisted collection, please complete our missed bin collection form.
Last updated: 16 February 2022 13:12:32