Street lighting

Well maintained street lighting helps reduce crime and improves public safety so please report any street light issues to us.

The council is committed to the provision and maintenance of quality street lighting.  

We make every effort to maintain all street lights in and around Doncaster but sometimes, due to faults/failure or vandalism, street lights will stop working. 

We proactively monitor our interactive street lights via a computer management system which can identify faults automatically, sometimes before the light actually fails. This means we may already be aware of the fault and actively arranging repair.

However if you find a light that is not working you can report it online.

Dangerous equipment that requires urgent attention

A street light that is damaged, for example by a vehicle driving into the column or one that has been vandalised and is electrically or structurally unsafe, is classed as an emergency and we ask for your help in reporting this quickly. We will then get a qualified person on site to make it safe as quickly as possible. Please use the numbers below to report these and DO NOT report online:

  • In normal office hours: 8:00am-5:00pm - Tel 01302 736000
  • Out of hours: Tel 01302 341628 or 01302 323444

Before you start, we need to know:   

Have you checked to see if your area is affected by Power fault issues ? Latest known faults

  • What the fault is ? (Day burning, Unlit, flashing on and off, erratic switch patterns, burning Dim)
  • The street light number (found around eye level on the column). This number is unique to the light and enables us to locate and repair the light as quickly as possible.  ****Reports without the street light number may not be repaired if the location doesn't allow us to determine the correct unit.
  • The street name and nearest house number
  • The date and time you first noticed the problem
  • Your name and contact details so we can contact you if we have any issues locating the fault 

We will investigate all reported Street Lighting faults within 7 working days providing all the information above is provided. Repairs that require specialist equipment such as alley ways or Traffic management will be attended to within 28 working days

Please note; Where information such as column number is missing we cannot guarantee to repair the light within 7 working days.

If you have this information, Do it online

Requesting additional street lighting in an area

Additional Street lighting requests maybe considered whereby a proven risk has been identified in relation to crime or road safety. If you have any concerns please use the contact below where the request can be assessed and actioned if deemed necessary. The local authority are not obliged to provide street lighting but where they do they have a duty to maintain it.

Please telephone 01302 736000 with details of where the lights are required and the reason they are felt necessary.

Requesting attachments to street lighting columns

Street Columns can be used for additional attachments such as CCTV, sensors & festive displays providing that the columns condition and suitability has been ascertained prior to installation. Details of the application process can be found on our lighting attachments page.



Last updated: 12 February 2021 12:42:40