The next scheduled elections are listed below - there are no current by-elections or referendums taking place at present.


The dates of the next scheduled Elections are:

Election Date Cycle
South Yorkshire Combined Authority Mayor with PCC functions Thursday 2 May 2024 every 4 years
UK Parliamentary General Election  No fixed date - must be by 28 January 2025 every 5 years
Elected Mayor for City of Doncaster Council  Thursday 1 May 2025 every 4 years
All-out Doncaster Local Government City Councillors  Thursday 1 May 2025 every 4 years
All-out Town/Parish Councillors Thursday 1 May 2025 every 4 years

To find out more about the types of Elections we have in this country, please visit Your Vote Matters


Current Vacancies

Please click the link below regarding any current vacancies

Publication of Verification Number:

Publication of Verification Number
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