There are no upcoming by-election/referendums. For further information regarding Election cycles please see below:

Current Vacancies

Please click the link below regarding any current vacancies

The dates of the next scheduled Elections are:

Election Date Cycle
Police & Crime Commissioner  Thursday 2 May 2024 every 4 years
UK Parliamentary General Election  No fixed date - must be by January 2025 every 5 years
Elected Mayor for Doncaster  Thursday 1 May 2025 every 4 years
All-out Local Doncaster Borough Councillors  Thursday 1 May 2025 every 4 years
All-out Town/Parish Councillors Thursday 1 May 2025 every 4 years
South Yorkshire Combined Authority Mayor  Thursday 7 May 2026    every 4 years

To find out more about the types of Elections we have in this country, please visit Your Vote Matters


Publication of Verification Number:

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