By-Elections and Vacancies

By-elections can be held at any time when a casual vacancy occurs. They can happen following the resignation or the death of a currently serving Councillor.

Casual Council Vacancy

A casual vacancy is usually filled by means of a by-election to elect a new member to fill the vacant seat on the council unless the vacancy occurs within six months of the ordinary election.

Requesting a by-election

A by-election is only triggered by local government electors requesting that the vacancy is filled by holding an election. This requires two local government electors within a principal local authority (not just from the ward) giving notice to the proper officer of the authority.

Discretion on holding a by-election

Once the requests from the electors are received the polling day for the by-election must be set at the Returning Officer's discretion for within 35 working days of the date of receipt of the requests. There is no time limit for receipt of the requests, but, if requests are not received, the seat will remain vacant until the seat would normally be up for election.

For Town and Parish Vacancies please contact your local Town or Parish Council.

To see if any Town or Parish Council By-Elections are due to take place, please click the upcoming elections box link below.

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