The local code of corporate governance sets out clearly our commitment to having good governance arrangements.

How it works in Doncaster 

Doncaster Council operates under the Mayoral governance model, which means the Council has an elected Mayor who is responsible for making decisions on a wide range of issues within the Borough, from education to roads, social care to housing to leisure. 

Our governance framework which brings together the complex layers of regulatory and statutory requirements that exist upon local authorities, with good governance principles and management processes.  Good governance is about ensuring the council is doing the right things, in the right way, for the right people, in a timely, inclusive, open, transparent, honest and accountable manner.

Our Local Code of Corporate Governance is underpinned by the Delivering Good Governance in Local Government Framework and comprises of policies, procedures, behaviours and values in place at the Council that enable us to demonstrate good governance. 

Local Code of Corporate Governance 2022-23
Download (693KB - PDF)

Annual Governance Statement 

As outlined within the code, an annual review of the effectiveness of the council’s corporate governance arrangements is carried out and any significant weaknesses in the corporate governance arrangements are identified and an action plan produced. The review is called the Annual Governance Statement. 

Doncaster latest Annual Governance Statement is published alongside the Statement of Accounts 


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