Council Corporate Plan

The Council's Corporate Plan details the priorities that we will deliver for the people of Doncaster.

A new Corporate Plan for 2021/22 was agreed by Full Council on the 1st March 2021. 

It reflects the transition to a new Borough Strategy that will replace the Doncaster Growing Together (DGT) Plan.

This Corporate Plan summarises:

  • Doncaster’s six emerging wellbeing goals for a new Doncaster Borough Strategy and how they will impact on residents, communities, businesses and the environment.
  • The actions the council will take over the next year to contribute to the wellbeing goals.
  • How the council will ensure it delivers quality services - as measured by service standards.
  • How the council will continue to develop the capabilities, resources, technology and knowledge needed to be an effective ‘Connected Council’ that works with partners to improve wellbeing.

These are the six well-being goals:

  • Greener & Cleaner Doncaster
  • Prosperous & Connected Doncaster
  • Safe & Resilient Doncaster
  • Healthy & Compassionate Doncaster
  • Skilled & Creative Doncaster
  • Fair & Inclusive Doncaster

These goals build upon the successes of DGT - including the partnership working that has been so essential to the response to COVID.

Collectively they are focused on one central mission: Thriving People, Places & Planet. 

Doncaster Council Corporate Plan 2021-22
Download (852KB - PDF)

Quarterly Finance and Performance Reports 

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