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Families Information Service hold information about all schools in Doncaster.

You can search for a school using our Schools Finder. If you would like to know more about a certain school, for example how many children are on the register or the latest inspection report, you can find information by looking at the new government information about schools website.

In Doncaster, the majority of pupils are allocated a place at their local school (this is referred to as their catchment area school) – you can find out more about the schools admission process on their webpage: school admissions.

The Attendance and Pupil Welfare Service (APWS) works with schools, parents and carers, pupils and other agencies to reduce unnecessary absences from school. The role of the Attendance and Pupil Welfare Service is to:

  • Advise and support families, children and schools to ensure that all children receive an education by regular attendance at school or otherwise
  • Work with home educating families and services to offer support and advice
  • Identify children missing education and ensure their re-engagement with education
  • Ensure that child employment and performance is undertaken within the requirements of the legislation. 

Sometimes, parents feel their children would benefit from extra support outside of school; this may be to prepare children for upcoming exams or to help them in a certain subject. Whatever the reason, there are tutors out there who can help – you can find them on our directory under private tuition. You can also find out more about exam and revision support on the Move on, Move up webpage.

After your child has finished their GCSEs, they may be unsure about what further opportunities are available to them, these include:

  • Staying in school
  • Sixth form college
  • Further education college
  • Work-based training provider

You can view a list of schools in Doncaster who have sixth forms, and a list of further education colleges in and around Doncaster below. For a list of training providers in and around Doncaster, please visit the connectu2 website where you can find careers information. For more information on the above options, you can also read the choosing where to study or train guide, which has been produced by UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service).

If university is your ultimate goal, you can find out more information from the complete university guide.

Learning does not stop when you leave school – as an adult there are many opportunities in Doncaster for you to expand your knowledge and gain new skills.

The Adult, Family and Community Learning (AFCL) service provide learning activities for adults and families in the local community. This includes functional skills courses in maths and English, supporting your child with homework, ‘story sacks’ and ‘families get crafty’.

Volunteering is also a great way to expand your skill set. Volunteering gives you the chance to meet new people, learn new things and gain work experience to enhance your CV. You may also choose to access the national careers service or think about going onto higher education.

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