Education Transport

The Pupil Support and Passenger Transport Team provide travel assistance to and from mainstream schools, special schools, colleges, and to interim tuition services - along with help with board and lodging cost for school residential trips.

Home to School Transport Policy Consultation 

The Council recently conducted a consultation on proposed changes to the current Home to School Transport Policy.  Following this consultation a new Travel Assistance Policy has now been approved and is attached to this page for information

Travel Assistance

Depending on the pupil's circumstances, we may be able to provide free travel assistance between home and their educational establishment. This may be done in a number of ways including a place on a coach, minibus, or taxi; or in the form of a zero fare bus pass.

Further details are contained in the Home to School Transport Policy available at the link below or please telephone

  • 01302 737127/736080/736002

Both free transport, and help with board and lodging costs for school residential trips, are dependant on certain criteria. Visit the pages below for more information:

Urgent Help and Assistance

If you have been forced to relocate due to circumstances beyond your control and need temporary assistance to enable your children to get to school please contact the Travel Assistance Service on 01302 737219/737117/737325/736107 for further advice

Transport to and from schools/colleges for pupils with Special Educational Needs

For information on obtaining transport for pupils with a statement of special educational needs or an Education and Healthcare Plan contact the Special Educational Needs Team on:

Complaints Procedure

Whilst we make every effort to ensure that we provide high standards of service, if you do have a problem and wish to make a complaint then please put your concerns in writing addressed to Kim Holdridge, Service Manager, Passenger Transport Team, Floor 3, Civic Office, Waterdale, Doncaster, DN1 3BU.  Alternatively please e-mail the Passenger Transport Team at the e-mail address detailed below.



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