Nat and Leah decided fostering was the best way for them to extend their family and at the same time allow them to help lots of children in Doncaster.

Picture of foster carers Leah and Nat

Nat and Leah decided fostering was the best way for them to extend their family and at the same time allow them to help lots of children in Doncaster.

Having been fostering for just over two years, caring for children of all ages from babies to teens, the couple says “fostering can have its challenges, but its rewards are priceless. 

Nat and Leah’s path to becoming foster carers

Nat says: “We had thought about fostering and even adoption for several years. We had always cared for our nieces and nephews and had family members who were already fostering so we had some idea about what it was all about. After some initial enquiries into adoption, we felt it just wasn’t right for us, and wanted to help as many children as we could.”  

Choosing Fostering for Doncaster

Nat says, “We initially approached another agency, but they just made us feel like we were being judged as a couple.

“We then contacted the council’s fostering team, and it was a completely different experience. We never felt judged or nervous. The team were there to support us every step of the way throughout the process. From the first phone call, through the assessment process, and throughout our time as carers, we have always been respected as individuals. It has all felt very natural and that we had made the right decision.”

Fostering as a same-sex couple

Leah says that young people don’t care about your gender or sexuality, “they just take you as you are”.

“We did have some reservations at first about what the kids would think about us, how they would react to us as a couple, but they have just seen us as Leah and Nat. The children just want someone who will care for them.  

“We always let the child take the lead on how they want to explain our relationship as a couple and their relationship to us to the other people in their lives. A young boy we cared for says ‘he’s our lad and we are his step-parents’, which makes us so happy, it is just priceless.”

Benefits of fostering

Nat says: “We get a lot out of fostering. We are constantly learning and enjoying the journey.

“The changes you see in the children are so rewarding. They come into your home withdrawn and angry, and over time the walls start to come down and your relationship blossoms. Without you realising it you reach a stage where you are just enjoying everyday life together, be it going to the shops, watching a film or just having a chat or a laugh together.” 

“It is the little things that make us smile. Like when our foster child said to his social worker ‘Me and Nat just clicked’ and enjoyed living with us. It just made us feel so happy that we are doing good by him, and he felt safe and part of our family unit.”

Support as carers

Nat says: “It was still daunting when we welcomed our first child into our home. Luckily, the support we have had from the fostering team and other carers helped us to learn new skills and embrace our fostering journey.”

“Our supervising social worker is always on hand to support us. My sister fosters for an Independent Fostering Agency, so we often compare our support offers and feel we get a better deal. We have also found that when there have been problems we have been supported throughout.”

What would you say to anyone thinking about fostering?

Nat says: “It would be great if more people came forward and fostered, especially from the LGBTQ+ community. The young people we care for just need to be supported, to feel safe and loved. They don’t care about your sexuality; they just take you as you are.

 “When going into fostering be ready for anything, you will definitely get more out of fostering than you put in.”

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