Fostering changed my life - Janice's Story

Janice says she was drawn to fostering due to her “absolute love of children’” which she says steered her way towards being a carer.

With an extensive 35 years of being a foster carer, Janice describes the responsibility as “life changing” and “inspiring.” Throughout her years, Janice has cared for around 68 children and delivered sleepovers (respite) through Mockingbird Support Network in Doncaster.

“Fostering changed my life, the children and young people taught me so much, and I found strength I didn't know I had.”

Reflecting back, Janice said her own wonderful childhood motivated her on her journey to give a better future to children and young people living away from home.

Welcoming children with open arms and providing a child with a ‘loving’ and ‘caring home’ is precious. It allows children and young people to “have the best childhood years you can provide” and supports them with their aspirations for a positive future ahead.

“What surprised me most about fostering was how resilient children and young people can be when faced with adversity and the strength I found in myself, and how resilient and determined I could be in my pursuit to advocate for the children I cared for to ensure they had their voice heard.”

A positive future isn’t something that just influences the children Janice cares for. Over the years, Janice’s family has played a paramount role in the care of children who share her family home, which has allowed vital parenting skills to be taught to her daughters for their futures as they experienced a very broad outlook on life. Janice’s own parents still to this day are an active part of her foster family home becoming almost ‘grandparent’ like figures to any children who share her home.

Since working as a foster carer Janice and her family’s main goal has been to ‘work very closely with the fostering service in the best interest of children and families.’ This is something she has been able to do with the support that the team have offered and feels she is an ‘extended family’ and can face any challenge she comes across.

“The fostering team arranges community activities and events where management, staff and foster carers come together, this builds strong and positive partnerships between all, these events are popular and enjoyable and there is always coffee and cake while having a chat.”

Janice doesn’t just care for the children living in her own home. As the Chair of the local charity, Doncaster Foster Carers Association, Janice works with other carers to create an extended network of support for the wider fostering community by running a weekly youth club and organising many other social events throughout the year, which are always full of ‘fun and lots of laughter’.

She goes on to further say: “We have a national shortage of Foster carers and even more children needing a home at the moment, so I feel this is also a great time to shout about the fantastic role we do and encourage recruitment while providing much needed loving homes for children.

I would say to anyone that was thinking about fostering, don't just think about it, find out more, and join our amazing extended fostering family.”


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There is no such thing as a typical foster carer. Foster carers come from all walks of life. You can be renting your home, between jobs, single, gay, married or without children of your own. 

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