New graves are generally allocated as the next one available in the operational sections and rows of each cemetery. When a right of burial is purchased, it gives the owner control over the burials in the grave, as well as the right to place a memorial.

Rights of burial are currently available for periods of 50 and 75 years. There is also a 30 year option available for cremated remains within Rose Hill Crematorium grounds. Pre-purchasing (reserving) a plot for 50 or 75 years is available within some of our cemetery sections. If the reservation is not renewed after whichever period is chosen, the plot will revert back to the Authority.

When a right of burial has been purchased, a grave deed will be issued along with a copy of the current regulations. The right cannot be purchased for a period in excess of 75 years. The ground itself remains in the ownership of the landowner.


Coffins may be made of wood, metal, wicker or cardboard. We also permit burials in shrouds.

Temporary markers

Following a burial there is an opportunity to place a temporary stone marker or wooden cross on the grave space for a maximum of 12 months. The marker will be removed when a headstone is erected or at the end of the 12 month period.

Stone markers are not used for burials in public graves or within the woodland and meadowland burial areas. To place a marker, you will need to contact a stonemason or funeral director.

Types of graves

We offer a wide variety of grave types to suit each individuals differing needs. Rose Hill, Arksey and Redhouse cemeteries have individual sections for Church of England and Roman Catholic religions. Rose Hill also incorporates an individual section for Muslim, Jewish and Greek Orthodox graves.  Rose Hill and Mexborough Cemetery have children sections.

Lawn/kerb graves

At the head of the grave we provide a space for a headstone. You may also put up to two vases at the head of the grave. These need to be made of either natural stone or metal and not exceed one foot in width, thickness or height from ground level. A vase which forms part of the original design of the memorial will be classed as being part of the memorial.

Any proposed inscription on a vase will need to be sent to us for approval The inclusion of any name or date will class the vase as a memorial and it will then be subject to the regulations.

Cemeteries and crematorium rules and regulations
Download (74KB - WBK)

If you wish, the grave may be used as a garden grave. Only annual flowers should be planted in such a space. The grave owner is responsible for looking after the garden space and the area around the headstone. If this becomes neglected, we may have to transfer the area back to a lawn grave.

Woodland/meadowland graves (Rose Hill only)

Rose Hill offers woodland graves to allow for burials in a natural environment. This burial area is multi-denominational and is not reserved for a specific religion or belief.

Cemetery cremated remains plots

Cremated remains plots can accommodate up to four sets of remains if they are in containers. Only three sets be interred if the ashes are placed in a casket. Cremated remains can be interred into the plot the day after cremation has taken place - if requested, usually the time between the cremation service and the burial of the remains is approximately 1 -2 weeks.

  • Existing plots

Further burials within the plots can be arranged with the authorisation of the person who holds the burial rights.

  • Burials into a grave (new or existing)

Cremated remains can be interred or scattered within or upon a grave space providing we have given permission. The relevant documentation must be completed (Exclusive Rights of burial form which can be found on the link to the right).

Grave digging

When a grave is being excavated, a wooden stage is built for the spoil to stand on. Unfortunately the situation sometimes arises where we cannot avoid putting the stage onto someone else’s grave, so we can only apologise for any inconvenience or distress that this may cause. The area will be left clean and tidy after the backfill of the grave has taken place.

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