We have set aside an area within Rose Hill Cemetery for Woodland and Meadowland burials.

The area has well-established trees and is situated in a secluded part of the cemetery away from the traditional burial area.

Woodland graves offer the opportunity to "return to nature" and help contribute to the formation and preservation of a natural and beautiful woodland. The area is maintained in a way that encourages and protects the trees, wildlife and natural wildflower seeds. The grass is cut infrequently to encourage wild flowers. The traditional neat and tidy appearance of cemeteries does not apply to the woodland and meadowland burial areas.


All graves are recorded on a plan to allow for location in the future as the woodland and meadowland develops. All such graves can be dug for up to three interments.


An increasing number of people are choosing to be buried in an environmentally-friendly way. For this purpose, biodegradable coffins are preferred. However, if you would like a more traditional coffin, then we will respect your choice. 

We do not insist on the use of coffins. You may choose a shroud and something practical to carry or contain the body to the burial site, such as a wicker basket or homemade coffin.

Cremated remains

Cremated remains may be strewn (scattered) in the woodland and meadowland area.

You need our permission to scatter cremated remains. Scattering can only be carried out by, or under the supervision of, our staff.

Cremated remains can be interred (buried) in a casket. For this purpose a grave space must be purchased. Biodegradable caskets are preferred as these are environmentally-friendly.


No memorial or tribute is permitted on the graves other than a numbered identification marker. provided by Bereavement Services. It is important to encourage a natural environment within these areas.


The fees for this type of burial are available on the following page Cemetery and crematorium price list and also cover the continuing maintenance.

Grave plots may be purchased in advance by applying to the Bereavement Services staff, Rose Hill Crematorium Office. 

For further information, please contact us: 


Last updated: 19 April 2023 12:12:08

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