Out of hours burial service

Bereavement Services have a limited out of hours weekend cover for burial services within Rose Hill Cemetery, Cantley, Doncaster.  This is initially based on a restricted number of options.

Following this being a success, there are plans to offer this service more widely and extend the range of services available in the future.

The Arrangements are as follows:- 


Contact details for Weekend/Bank Holiday

Funeral arrangements can be made by contacting the following numbers:

Registrar’s Office: 07980 946936.         
Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays - 10am to 12noon



Coroner Office is currently not available for ‘out of hours’ service, however it is hoped that this will change in 2016.

Out of Hours Burials – Rose Hill

Contact telephone number  to arrange 'out of hours' service is Cllr Khan 07952 565655


For the purpose of the out of hours service both Adult and Child Graves are vaulted, with two foot of soil above the vault.  Two Pre-prepared adult vaults and one child’s vault will be available.  If the vaults are used over the weekend, these will be replaced during the following week ready for the following weekend.  The maximum coffin accepted in an adult vault is 238 cm in length x 90cm Wide (3ft x 7ft) and for a child’s vault is 122cm in length x 61cm wide (4ft x 2ft) unfortunately if the coffin exceeds the above sizes the burial cannot take place until the next working day.

Listed below is information relating to requirements from DMBC in relation to conducting a burial Service in the absence of DMBC Staff.

  • Complying with Statutory /legal requirements - Green/White certificate must be obtained prior to burial and a picture of the nameplate either on the coffin or shroud whilst on put logs (bearers that the coffin sits on).
  • Be responsible for your own Health and Safety and for those attending (attached is some guidance of officiating and backfilling the vault)
  • On Site supervision of the burial, backfilling, cortege and attendees
  • Being respectful of the public whilst in the cemetery
  • Security of locking gates (when they are in place)
  • Parking of Vehicles
  • Reporting incidents that may occur on the next working day.


The shovels, lowering straps and put logs will be kept within the vault and removed prior to the burial.

The cortege will enter the cemetery through the entrance off Ascot Avenue, Cantley, Doncaster, which leads into the cemetery. The cortege will drive straight ahead towards the chapel, once at the chapel turn left and follow the driveway round until you reach the grave section. Once the burial has taken place, please ensure the area is left neat and tidy and that the spades, lowering straps and put logs are put into the spare vault.  If all 3 vaults have been used  please place the equipment in one of the raised stage, which are to the side of the vaults.



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