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The term 'transition' is usually used to describe the time when children and young people move from one phase of education to another, for example, from nursery to primary school, primary to secondary school, or secondary school to post-16 education. Transition also occurs when moving from one settings to another, when moving to a different class in the same setting, or when moving from children's to adult services. This page focuses on transitions in education.

Some children and young people take transitions in their stride and adapt to new settings well, whilst others can find transitions difficult. Either way, it's important that there is a plan in place so that transitions go smoothly. This might include:

  • Visits to the new setting
  • Professionals from the new setting visiting your child in their current setting
  • Meetings with the new and old setting (and all other relevant services) to discuss your child's needs and how they will be supported

The video below captures the thoughts and feelings many young people experience when transitioning to secondary school - take a look.


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