We are responsible for parking enforcement, both on-street and in the off-street car parks.

Both types now allow the option to pay for parking via RingGo, the cashless payment provider, though coin cash payment is still available.

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Dangerous and illegal parking causes problems for pedestrians, residents, traders and other road users and the council uses civil parking enforcement through the Traffic Management Act 2004 to undertake parking enforcement. Its civil enforcement officers are fully uniformed and are a regular sighting across the borough serving the residents and motorists alike.

The Traffic Management Act 2004: Part 6 can be viewed using the following link below:

Persistent evaders

Where vehicles have many unpaid PCNs and continue to causes concern for the safety of other highway users, including pedestrians and when the Council’s normal debt recovery procedures cannot be implemented. Measures are needed to prevent further unsafe parking activities and to assist in the recovery of the debts. The Council may take action in-line with its Persistent Evader Policy.

Car parks in the borough

Please visit our web page for details of Car parking in Doncaster

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