Resident parking permits

Information about our five Residents Parking Scheme areas, and how to apply/renew for a parking permit in these areas.

Please renew your resident priority parking permit/visitor voucher as normal when your current permit expires, the resident parking scheme is not on hold and has not been cancelled.

As you are aware Doncaster Council sent out the resident survey letter on the 31/01/2020 as we wanted to know your views on the residential parking scheme and that the completed survey form be returned to Doncaster by the 29/02/2020. Doncaster Council was in the process of collating all the data when the country went in to lockdown due to the Global Pandemic Covid-19.  This meant that all non-essential work was put on hold such as the work of collating the data, so we kindly ask that you bear with us during these unprecedented times and as soon as we are able, we will complete this task and will publish the results on the resident parking permits web page.

Resident Parking Scheme areas

These areas are:

  1. Elmfield Park

  2. Doncaster Central 

  3. St James Street 

  4. Wheatley North 

  5. Gordon and Stewart Street 

Doncaster Council provides various types of parking permits to accommodate residents within their scheme area.  These include:-

  • resident permits, annual cost £27 per permit
  • carer permits, annual cost £27 per permit
  • charity permits, annual cost £27 per permit
  • business permits annual cost £54 per permit
  • landlord permit annual cost £107, per permit 
  • visitor one day parking sessions first 50 visitor session are £27 and then it is £2.70 per visitor session

How to apply for Wheatley North, Gordon & Stewart Street, Elmfield, Doncaster Central and St James Street Resident Parking Schemes.

Please follow the below link to apply for your electronic permit and electronic visitor sessions

Parking with a permit

The one or two hour limited waiting periods within your area will operate between Monday to Saturday 8am till 6pm (including bank holidays) and this will allow visitors to access short stay parking without the need for a visitors session.  Please refer to on-street signage. Please be aware the limited waiting time applies to the whole street/road and the vehicle would need to be moved to a different street/road for the limited waiting time period to start again.

Also attached is a list of eligible streets within each scheme area, along with where you can park with the permit and how long for. Please refer to these should you be unsure if your residential address is included in a residential permit scheme.

More information

For further information, please contact us:

  • email:
  • telephone: 01302 735041
  • address: Doncaster Council, Enforcement Team (Parking), Civic Office, Waterdale, Doncaster, DN1 3BU

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