Doncaster Council is responsible for around 870 bridges, culverts and other highway structures such as retaining walls. 

Organisations such as Highways England and Network Rail also own and maintain structures in Doncaster.

The team carries out inspections of approximately 380 structures each year, and determines the requirements for the maintenance of, all bridges and highway structures under the control of Doncaster Council.

The group also responds to emergency situations when required, such as flood events, the fire below St George's Bridge in 2008 and the bridge strike on Cleveland Street which resulted in the collapse of the footbridge over the dual carriageway. Many structures suffer damage, mainly through vehicle impact, each year which require urgent maintenance to ensure the safety of the public.

The team acts as the Technical Approval Authority for all Highway Structures proposed by developers and council schemes. This ensures that any new structure is safe for use and fit for purpose.

Bridge strengthening

The maximum permitted weight of lorries was increased in February 2001 to 44 tonnes. All bridges have been assessed, following national directives, to see if they can safely cope with this increase.

If strengthening is required to meet this standard, public safety is maintained on those bridges assessed as ‘‘weak’’ by using temporary closures, temporary weight restrictions or other measures and restrictions in the first instance. This is until funding is made available to undertake the necessary remedial works. 

Owing to limited funding, work carried out under the strengthening programme gives priority to principal road bridges. For substandard bridges on the non-principal road network, decisions are made whether to permanently weight restrict rather than strengthen. Each bridge is considered on its merits taking into account use, safety, economic and environmental factors.

A number of bridges have been strengthened or replaced in recent years including Warning Tongue Lane, Cantley Bridge, Torne Bridge, Franklins Bridge, St James Bridge, Watch House Lane Bridge, Brierholme Carr Bridge, Warmsworth Beck, Adwick Le Street Railway Bridge, Balby New Railway Bridge, Stainton Culverts and Willow Bridge.

Reporting bridge problems

To report a problem with a bridge please use the following form:

Bridges programme of works for 2018/19

Visit the following page for details of the 2018/19 Programme of Works for bridges: Highways programme of works


For further information please use the contact details below:

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