Structural issues

What is this for?

To report a structural issue with a highway.

The Highways and Transportation Service, as a local authority, will maintain and repair:

  • walls supporting the structure of the highway which are owned by the authority - these are called highway retaining walls
  • walls retaining land that has been excavated in cutting to form a highway parapet wall on bridges
  • walls providing a safety barrier for example a steep drop at the other side of the wall
If you believe the problem is dangerous and could cause an emergency situation, please ring during office hours (Monday to Friday 8:30am - 5pm) 01302 736000 or outside of these hours 01302 323444.

What is it going to cost?


What we need from you

Where the issue is, if it's dangerous, whether the highway is uneven or unstable, and any further information that you feel is important.

What you should expect from us

We aim to inspect your report within five working days.

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Last updated: 30 July 2021 16:42:31