Rossington Neighbourhood Planning Referendum

A Referendum relating to the adoption of the Rossington Neighbourhood Plan was held on Thursday 17 March 2022 and the results are as follows:.

Question in Referendum

“Do you want Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Rossington to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?”


                                                                 Number of Votes
Number of votes cast in favour of a ‘YES’    1,058
Number of votes cast in favour of a ‘NO’   124


The number of ballot papers rejected was as follows      Number of ballot papers
 A  want of an official mark 0
 B  a vote for more than one answer 1
 C  writing or mark by which voter could be identified 0
 D  being unmarked or wholly void for uncertainty 6
 Total 7


Electorate Ballot Papers Issued         Turnout
10,840 1,189         10.97%


Information Statement:

Information Statement
Download (86KB - PDF)

Boundary Map:

Rossington NDP Parish Boundary Map as Designated
Download (582KB - PDF)


Notice of Referendum:

Notice of Referendum - Rossington NPR
Download (85KB - PDF)

Notice of Poll & Situation of Polling Stations:

Notice of Poll Situation of Polling Places - Rossington NPR
Download (84KB - PDF)

Declaration of Results:

Declaration of results - Rossington NPR
Download (147KB - PDF)

Specified Documents:

Rossington ND Plan Modified Version Feb 2022
Download (1.49MB - PDF)
i Decision Statement
Download (423KB - PDF)
ii Examiner's Report Jan 2022
Download (429KB - PDF)
iii Summary of Representations submitted to the examiner
Download (108KB - PDF)
iv Statement from the Council relating to basic conditions and provision-1
Download (122KB - PDF)
v General Information on Town and County Planning
Download (362KB - PDF)



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