A peer challenge is not an inspection. Peer challenges are improvement-orientated and tailored to meet individual councils’ needs. Indeed they are designed to complement and add value to a council’s own performance and improvement focus. The peers used their experience and knowledge to reflect on the evidence presented to them by people they met, things they saw and material that they read

In spring 2022 we welcomed a team of experienced officers and members from other Local Authorities to the council to carry out an LGA Corporate Peer Challenge. This was an opportune time, we felt, as we transition into a new financial year, renewed ways of working post-Covid and to ensure we are fit for purpose to deliver our Corporate Plan and Borough Strategy.

During their four day visit to the council, the Peer Challenge Team gathered information and views from more than 35 meetings and spoke to around 120 people including a range of council staff together with Members and external stakeholders, in addition to carrying out further research.

We would like to say a huge thank you to those of you who took part in the Peer Challenge process. 

Below is a link to the position statement, this is the document that we provided to the peers to give them an overview of the borough. The feedback report from the Peer Challenge Team can also be found below and we are delighted that this is very positive with one of the overall observations being – “Doncaster is on a journey of continuous improvement with many good features and if continued, will be an exemplar council.”

As part of the Corporate Peer Challenge the Council has produced an action plan to progress the recommendations outline in the feedback report. A copy of our action plan is attached below and progress against these action will detailed in the council quarterly Finance & Performance report that is presented to Cabinet 


For more information please Email: Sennette.Wroot@doncaster.gov.uk 

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