The Local Government Boundary Commission for England has carried out an electoral review of the borough of Doncaster.

Full details are available on the Local Government Boundary Commission’s website

Number of councillors

The first part of the review considered the total number of councillors that should be elected to the council in the future. The Commission decided that the council should have 55 councillors, a reduction from the previous number of 63.

Ward boundaries

The Commission then considered the ward boundaries that could accommodate the reduced number of councillors. It gathered information from local people and organisations on suggested ward boundaries.

There were periods of consultation before the Commission published their final recommendations of 21 wards including:

  • 13 wards with three councillors
  • and eight wards with two councillors

Ward boundary map

Please see the ward boundary map on the Commission's website below for details of the ward boundaries:

When it happened?

Following approval by Parliament, this came into effect for the elections in May 2015.

  • the 2015 election was for a two year term of office 
  • the 2017 election, and future elections, will run alongside the mayoral election with all seats being contested for a four year term

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