Review of polling districts, polling places and polling stations 2019

In accordance with the Review of Polling Districts and Polling Places (Parliamentary Elections) Regulations 2006, Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council has conducted a review of all polling districts and polling places in the district’s parliamentary constituencies.

The review commenced on 19 August and the initial consultation phase ended on 16 September. The Returning Officer formulated his recommendations and requested comments between 22 October and 31 October.   An intention to postpone the conclusion of the review, due to the UK Parliamentary Election was reported to the Elections and Democratic Structures Committee on 26 November 2019.  The revised timetable required conclusion by 31 January 2020.  The final recommendations were reported to the Elections and Democratic Structures Committee on 27 January 2020. 

Notice of Conclusion of Polling Place Review
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As part of the process of implementing the final Polling District changes, the Council will republish the Register of Electors on 1st March 2020. The public notice relating to the republication of the register can be viewed below:

Notice of Intention to Republish Register
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The Committee reports and minutes and all other relevant documents can be viewed below.

EDSC 270120 draft minute
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ExtraOrdinaryEDSC - Polling Place Review report - final
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ExtraOrdinaryEDSC - Polling Place Review Report - final_appendix 1
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ExtraOrdinaryEDSC - Polling Place Review Report - final_appendix 2
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ExtraOrdinaryEDSC - Polling Place Review Report - final_appendix 3
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ExtraOrdinaryEDSC - Returning Officers Recommendations
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Item 5 - EDSC- Elections Update report-final
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Sumary of Consultation Responses
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What is a polling district?

A polling district is a geographical sub-division of an electoral area. For voting purposes, each parliamentary constituency and every local government ward is divided into one or more polling district. Wherever possible, the polling districts for local government elections mirror that agreed for parliamentary elections. Doncaster Council has 21 wards divided up into polling districts, which vary in size and electorate.

What is a polling place?

A polling place is a geographical area in which a polling station is located. However, there is no legal definition of what a polling place is. It could be as large as the polling district or as small as a particular building.

What is a polling station?

A polling station is where the voting actually takes place and must be located within the polling place designated for the particular polling district. When deciding which buildings to use as polling stations, we try to make sure that they are located as conveniently as possible for the majority of electors and that they are accessible to everyone, particularly anyone with a disability.

Thought must be given, for example, to the distance people have to travel to vote and any barriers to them getting there, such as major roads or rivers. 

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