Leading on Voice and our ambition to become the "Most Child Friendly Borough"

The Participation and Engagement Team is based within City of Doncaster Council. It is our role to ensure that there are opportunities in place for young people to be active citizens across Doncaster in order to Learn, Achieve and Succeed. We work directly with key decision makers and managers across Council services, businesses and the voluntary sector in order to ensure that we are all working together to achieve our ambition of becoming ‘The Most Child Friendly Borough’.

We also lead on the delivery of the Youth Council, Young Advisors, Young Commissioners, Primary Ambassadors, Junior Civic Mayor and the ‘YourVoice’ network.

Meet the Team

  • Engagement Manager: Deborah Burton
  • Lead Participation Officer: Mandy Burns
  • Participation Officer: Courtney Helsby
  • Youth Officers: Abbie Mahoney-Winton, Claire Tyas, Carry Simon, Sandy Rushton 

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Last updated: 13 July 2023 16:18:19

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