Primary Ambassadors

Doncaster PRIMARY AMBASSADORS is a new forum group established in 2020, made up of five children all from different local Primary Schools in Doncaster, their role is to champion the voice of their peers and lead on the Junior Make Your Mark Campaign. They are selected through the Junior Civic Mayor process and begin their one year term starting September until August.

                     Primary Ambassadors logo words and handprint

As part of our  work to become the most child friendly borough in the country, we want to give our local Children the opportunity to have their voices heard. We are very proud and excited to say that we are the very first local authority in the country to recognise our Children’s voice in this way.

Through their fantastic work the Primary Ambassadors have made significant impacts in representing the Primary Voice of Doncaster attending various meetings with senior decision makers across the borough. To date the Primary Ambassadors have done a brilliant job representing their peers within their schools as well as coming up with ideas on how to raise awareness, educate people about the importance civic pride, thinking green and clean and looking after where you live for the future and beyond.


Doncaster Primary Ambassadors 2021-22

  • Sophie Parker - Sir Francis Xavier Catholic Primary School
  • George Firth - Hayfield Lane Primary School
  • Isla Rockliff - Warmsworth Primary School
  • Connie Foster-Roney - Tickhill Esteld Primary School
  • Ava Calladine - Copley Junior School


Junior Make Your Mark

Junior Make Your Mark is a local consultation that gives Children of primary school age the chance to be change makers and vote for issues that they feel needs changing or improving in Doncaster. Spearheading this is the Primary Ambassadors and Doncaster Junior Civic Mayor - Doncaster Council. It is abundantly clear that the Children across Doncaster are passionate about the environment.

Annual Make Your Mark Results

  • 2019 – 2020  - ‘Improve the environment.’  
  • 2020 – 2021 ‘Stop Littering’

 and now the results are in... the most voted for topic of 2022-2024  is 'Save the Environment!'

If you would like to find out more about the work of the Primary Ambassadors please contact or follow us on Twitter Your Voice Doncaster (@YourVoiceDonca1) / Twitter


Check out our Junior Make Your Mark video made by our Primary Ambassadors and Junior Civic Mayor 2022!


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