The Junior Civic Mayor works alongside Doncaster Council’s Civic Mayor and Members Services and Partnership and Engagement team and is the face and voice of Children within the borough.


As part of our work to become the most Child Friendly Borough in the Country, in 2019 we re-established the Junior Civic Mayor project. The Junior Civic Mayor's role is to be an ambassador for the City and represent the local Children of Doncaster. They attend high profile events alongside Doncaster's Civic Mayor and work very closely with the  Primary Ambassadors - Doncaster Council who champion Doncasters Junior Make Your Mark Campaign. 


Doncaster Junior Civic Mayor 2021/22

Our current Junior Civic Mayor is Amelia Beckingham, aged 9, from Copley Junior School in Sprotbrough. 

Amelia was chosen for the role because of her; passion and drive to improve Doncaster's environment; her confidence and her determination to make sure our local Children's voices are heard.

You can find out about the exciting things she is involved in on Twitter: @YourVoiceDonca1.

  Junior Civic Mayor alongside the Civic Mayor

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The Junior Civic Mayor will:

  • Be a year 4 pupil at the time of application
  • Serve a term of office from October- August
  • Be confident and enthusiastic
  • Be the face and voice of children in Doncaster
  • Attend events alongside the Civic Mayor
  • Be supported by their school and their family
  • Drive and influence change


The following are examples of events that the Junior Civic Mayor will attend throughout their term of office:
  • Children and Families Forum Events 
  • Citizenship Ceremonies
  • Family Fun Days/Carnivals/Music Festivals
  • Openings of New/Refurbished Shops, Establishments
  • 100 Year Birthday Celebrations of Local Residents
  • Military Events
  • Memorial Services
  • Remembrance Events
  • Christmas Light Switch On
  • Christmas Carol Services

How to Apply

The application process for 2022/23 will take place during Summer 2022.

Privacy Notice

The link below will take you to the privacy notice that has been created for the purposes of Junior Civic Mayor. The privacy notice tells you about data protection obligations and handling your information securely.

Junior Make Your Mark

In 2019 we were the very first local authority that ran a Junior Make Your Mark campaign, giving Primary aged Children the chance to; speak up, have their voices heard and make a difference.

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that we received votes from 3732 Children in Doncaster, from 26 different primary schools.

The top most voted for topic was 'Save the Environment' with 1606 votes!

If you feel that you can contribute to this improvement work in any way, please email 


Junior Make Your Mark 2022

The topics to be voted for were decided by the Primary Ambassadors & Junior Civic Mayor and were as follows.

  • Save the Environment 
  • Anti-Bullying
  • Online Safety
  • Positive Well-being
  • Road Safety

In 2020 we worked in partnership with the Children in our Primary Schools to make improvements and supported them to make the differences they wanted! As a final project we created an animated video that shows 'Top 5 Tips to be Eco-Friendly'. The video is for Children, created by Children and you can view it here

If you would like to find out more about the work of the Primary Ambassadors please contact or follow us on Twitter Your Voice Doncaster (@YourVoiceDonca1) / Twitter


Check out our Junior Make Your Mark video made by our Primary Ambassadors and Junior Civic Mayor 2022!


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