Owston was designated a conservation area on 15 June 1970. A full appraisal has yet to be carried out.

To view the location of the conservation area, please go to the Heritage Map.

Owston is a small estate village/hamlet that is set in the former grounds of Owston Hall. It is set at the end of a drive, at a remote distance from the surrounding road system. There is a compact arrangement of dwellings and former barns and outbuildings to the area north of the Hall and the adjoining Church of All Saints, with several former lodges along the boundary of the former estate. The village appears to have been transplanted for aesthetic reasons when the grounds of Owston Hall were landscaped by Humphrey Repton which took place in the late eighteenth century.

Building forms reflect the agricultural nature of most of the buildings, the exceptions being the church and the Hall. Limestone was the traditional material. Principle roof materials are slate and clay pantiles. Limestone boundary walls are an important and extensive feature of the conservation area. The area is well endowed with mature trees and the park is designated on a local list of Registered Parks and Gardens of Interest.

Within the conservation area there are 16 listed structures, including the Grade I listed Church of All Saints and Grade II* listed Hall. These can be viewed on the Heritage Map which gives the address, grade and reference number of the listed building. The reference number can be used to find the listing description for any individual listed building using the Historic England database.

The above description of the conservation area is only a brief overview subject to a full appraisal that will consider in more depth the features that make up the significance of the area.

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Further Information about Conservation Areas can be found at Conservation Areas in Doncaster.

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