Listed buildings in Doncaster

There are some 800 listed buildings in Doncaster. Listed buildings are structures that are considered to be of architectural and/or historic interest. Old buildings are part of this country's heritage and can quite easily be damaged unintentionally. Therefore, it is always advisable to seek professional advice before carrying out any work to an historic building.

For more information on listed buildings please view Frequently Asked Questions - Listed Buildings

If you need to apply for listed building consent (no fee required) please use the Planning portal site to obtain the appropriate form.

If you have an enquiry or need information about a listed building please contact the design and conservation team.

How can I find if a building is Listed?

Listed Buildings within Doncaster can be viewed by going to the Heritage Map. Please be aware that if you are in any doubt whatsoever, it is always wise to contact us for clarification. It is also worth noting that if a building has been subdivided or submitted to a change of use, the listing address may have changed. Whilst every attempt is made to make sure that information on the web is up to date, if you want formal confirmation about the listing status of your building please write to the design and conservation team, including, if possible, a plan showing a precise location of the building.

If you find that your building is listed and you plan to perform some alterations, extensions or refurbishments to the building, please contact the planning department as soon as possible. The earlier you contact the design and conservation team the easier the process will be.

Listed building status applies to the whole building, including the interior and attached structures, and not just the front elevation. Even though curtilage structures may not be mentioned in the listing database, they may still be covered by the listing legislation if they were constructed before 1 July 1948.

Historic England's Listed Buildings Online website contains further details of listed buildings throughout the country. Please note that the descriptions of the buildings are provided for identification purposes only and are not an exclusive list of features of interest.

Further Information

For further information please contact the conservation team by email:

Or Tel: 01302 734922 or 735199

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