Parks and gardens are registered in order to identify those sites that are of either special or local interest.

From town gardens and public parks to the great country estates, such places are an important, distinctive and much cherished part of our inheritance.

To view the locations of Doncaster's registered parks and gardens, please see the Heritage Map.

Looking for a list of parks in Doncaster?

For a full list of parks in Doncaster, along with information on what you can see and do at each park and how to get there, please visit parks in Doncaster.

Parks and gardens of special interest

The decision as to whether a park or garden is worthy of inclusion on the national register is by assessment by Historic England and these are known as Parks and Gardens of Special Interest.

There are four registered Parks and Gardens of Special Interest in Doncaster. These are:

Parks and gardens of local historic interest

As well as the above, there are also Parks and Gardens of Local Historic Interest which have been reviewed as part of the Local Plan, further information can be found on the Local Parks and Gardens page.

The locations of Local Parks and Gardens can be viewed on the Heritage Map.

What are the effects of being a registered park and garden?

Registration as either a Park and Garden of Special or Local Historic Interest is a material planning consideration so, if any application for development may affect a registered park or garden it is worth contacting the Design and Conservation team for further advice.

The fact that a park or garden is registered as either Special or Local Interest does not mean that there is public right of access.

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