Bawtry conservation area

Bawtry was designated a conservation area on 22 June 1970.

The first appraisal of the conservation area was carried out after consultation in 2007, this is now being reviewed to take account of any significant changes that have occurred since the original appraisal. The original appraisal and draft review can viewed in the Downloads and Resources section.

The draft review was out to public consultation from 9 February to 20 March 2015. Local residents, businesses and anyone who has an interest in conservation areas were urged to come forward and have their say on this appraisal and its review.

To view the location of the conservation area please go to the Heritage Map.

Bawtry is an early medieval town with strong river and road links which provided the basis of its prosperity up to the late 19th century. The planned medieval town pattern is still evident consisting of three parallel connected streets with a strong burgage pattern (long narrow plots attached to houses fronting the street). The predominant architecture of the town is Georgian and many of the town's buildings date from its most affluent period (1780-1840) when Bawtry Hall, non-conformist chapels, and a number of coaching inns were established.

The focal point of the town is a broad market place with its Market Cross. There is a clear hierarchy of small-scale dwellings to the east and grander buildings in the centre and to the west. The medieval church of St Nicholas is away from the market place and was founded at a time when Bawtry was an inland port with a wharf in the vicinity.

The predominant building material in the conservation area is brick with clay pantile roof, although there are some rendered buildings and the use of natural slate is also apparent.

Within the conservation area there are 41 listed structures which, with other significant buildings, are outlined within the appraisal.

Further Information

Further Information about Conservation Areas can be found at Conservation Areas in Doncaster.

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