Doncaster’s housing strategy 2015 - 2025

Welcome to Doncaster’s 10-year Housing Strategy. A clear strategy for responding to current and future housing needs is an essential requirement for borough growth and improvement. The availability and quality of housing has a direct impact on health, educational attainment, economic prosperity and community safety and cohesion – all of which are critical to Doncaster’s success and to the wellbeing of our residents and visitors.

Our strategy has been developed after extensive consultation with residents, elected members and external partners. It focuses primarily on our own local priorities, but also takes into account wider plans for the Sheffield City Region, in which Doncaster is a key player in economic growth and prosperity. The strategy sets out the current context within which we are currently operating and sets out the strategic themes to which we will work to over the next decade.

There are huge challenges ahead; these include enabling the provision of sufficient quality housing to meet an increasing need, tackling poor quality homes and empty homes, improving neighbourhoods, and providing housing-related support for our more vulnerable residents – all of which must be delivered with reduced resources.

It is with this in mind that we are now putting an even greater emphasis on partnership working, both between inter-related departments within the council, and between the council and its strategic partners who share the same goals and are also looking to streamline their working practices and ‘deliver more for less’.

We would like to thank all those that have contributed to this strategy, including staff within Doncaster Council, our external partners, local councillors, and those residents that took the time to tell us what they thought about Doncaster’s housing priorities.


Ros Jones

Mayor of Doncaster

Jo Miller

Chief Executive Doncaster Council

Susan Jordan

Chief Executive St Leger Homes of Doncaster

Housing Strategy 2015-2025
Glossary of Terms used in the Housing Strategy
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Housing Strategy Delivery Plan 2015-17
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Evidence base

Housing Needs Assessment also known as Strategic Housing Market Assessment or SHMAA 2015 sets out the objectively assessed need for all housing in Doncaster. Its sections on affordable housing and gypsies and travellers have been updated in a Housing Needs Assessment 2016 update. This includes plan period gypsy and traveller pitch targets and show people’s yard targets.

Housing Need Assessment 2015 FINAL-Published 18Aug2015-1
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HNA 2016 Update
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For more information visit Planning evidence base.

Homeless Strategy

The link below gives details of our homeless strategy.

Some other useful information and plans

Useful information and websites Associated strategies and plans
Affordable housing Local Plan
St Leger Homes Environment Strategy
Home options and homelessness advice Doncaster inclusive growth strategy
Private sector housing Corporate Plan
Energy efficiency  


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