Doncaster Housing Need Study 2019

The Council commissioned Arc4 to undertake a Housing Need Study for Doncaster. The Study provides evidence to help to shape our future planning and housing policies. It considers the need for affordable housing and the size, type and tenure of housing need for different groups within the community. This research provides an up-to-date analysis of the social, economic, housing and demographic situation across the area.

The 2018 study comprises:

  • A comprehensive household survey which was completed by 4,966 households, representing a 14.2% response rate from the sample surveyed;
  • A review of existing (secondary) data;
  • An online survey of stakeholders; and
  • Interviews with estate and letting agents.

The findings from the study provide an up-to-date, robust and defensible evidence base for policy development, in accordance with Government policy and guidance.

The Housing Need Study comprises of the following sections:

  • Policy and Strategic Review
  • Understanding housing market dynamics and drivers
  • Housing Stock Review
  • Affordable Housing Need
  • Household groups with specific housing needs
  • Dwelling type and mix

The main report comprises predominantly of borough and ward level analysis; the Appendix provides analysis at settlement level.

HNS Report 260419
Download (3.64MB - PDF)
HNS Report Appendix (Settlement Analysis Data)
Download (1012KB - XLSX)
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