Home improvements and grants

We offer limited housing-related grants to help with keeping you independent and improving your quality of life.

Disability facilities grants

These are grants to help disabled people lead a more independent life or achieve a better quality of life. They can provide items including stairlifts and hoists, ramps and rails, bathing adaptations and any improvements that we would deem helpful.

Am I eligible for a grant?

Clients are required to complete a Financial assessment.

The outcome of this test will determine the amount of money the client has to contribute to the cost of the work. This will vary from zero to the point where in effect they get no grant.

  • to request an assessment for an adult, call 01302 737391
  • to request an assessment for a child, call 01302 737391

Receiving the grant

How the award is worked out

  • if your income is less than your assessed needs you will not normally need to contribute to the cost of the works
  • if your income is more than your assessed needs, a proportion of your income will be used to calculate how much you could contribute towards the cost of the works
  • if this assessed amount is less than the cost of the works, the difference between the two is paid as a Disabled Facilities Grant

Maximum grant amount

The maximum amount of grant that a council is required to pay is £30,000 per application, less any assessed contribution from you. If the cost of the eligible works is more, the council can use discretionary powers to increase the amount.

Is the grant repayable?

If you receive a grant for more than £5,000, you may have to repay the grant (up to a maximum of £10,000) if you move home within ten years.

Home Improvement Agency (HIA)

The HIA helps older, disabled and vulnerable homeowners or private tenants to repair, improve, maintain or adapt their homes.

The prime purpose is to help people continue to live in their own homes in comfort, safety, security, maintaining their independence and improving their quality of life.

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