Food safety - premises inspection

The food safety team is responsible for ensuring that all food sold in Doncaster is clean and safe.

Any premises which stores, prepares, produces, cooks or sells food must comply with strict hygiene standards, which we enforce. Our officers carry out regular inspections and follow-up on complaints.

The enforcement of food law is primarily the responsibility of local authorities.

European Union (EU) food and feed law applies a "farm to fork" approach to food safety by including primary production (that is, farmers and growers) in food hygiene legislation for the first time.

It requires food business operators (except primary producers) to implement procedures based on 'Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) principles

EU Regulations lay down the general principals and requirements of food and feed law and food safety procedures. They place duties on food and feed business operators.

National legislation in the form of statutory instruments (SIs) is required to enforce EU regulations. These SIs create offences, penalties and powers of entry for inspectors.

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) works closely with local authorities to ensure that food and feed law is applied throughout the food chain.  

The FSA has produced Food and Feed Law Codes of Practice and Practice Guidance documents which set out the way that local authorities should work with food businesses.

Further details can be found by using the following link to the FSA website

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