Doncaster biodiversity action plan

Doncaster Biodiversity Action Partnership has produced a Local Biodiversity Action Plan (LBAP) for the borough.

Doncaster’s Local Biodiversity Action Plan (2007) outlines Doncaster’s wildlife conservation priorities and gives guidance on how we can protect and enhance biodiversity.

It details Doncaster’s priority habitats (those most threatened and requiring conservation action) and will inform, and eventually be replaced, by the new Local Nature Recovery Strategy.

It consists of a series of documents, available below, including:

Introduction and Overview, Further Information & Biodiversity Leaflet:

LBAP Introduction and Overview
Download (2.04MB)
Further Information
Download (524KB)
Biodiversity Leaflet
Download (646KB)

Habitat Statements

Habitat Action Plans

Habitat Action Plans Summaries - (brief non-technical overview)

Species Audit - includes nationally threatened species, such as the bittern; along with those of regional significance, such as the mire pill beetle; and those valued for their rarity and strong local identity, including the the petty whin. Conservation actions for these species will then be identified and addressed through the Biodiversity Action Planning process.

Species Audit
Download (712KB)

Botanical Atlas - a follow up to the species audit which shows the distribution of locally important species:

Botanical Atlas - Part 1 (Introduction)
Download (307KB)
Botanical Atlas - Part 2 (A-C)
Download (4.05MB)
Botanical Atlas - Part 3 (D-J)
Download (3.23MB)
Botanical Atlas - Part 4 (L-P)
Download (3.36MB)
Botanical Atlas - Part 5 (R-V)
Download (3.36MB)


Further information:

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