Doncaster Local Records Centre (DLRC) forms part of a wider network of Local Records Centres in the UK.

The main role of the DLRC is to collect, manage and share information about wildlife, wildlife sites and habitats within the Doncaster Metropolitan Borough administrative area to understand and support conservation of local biodiversity. The verified and validated biological records held in our database are provided on a not-for-profit basis to a range of audiences including decision-makers, researchers and the public.

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The Yorkshire Area Local Records Centres
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Doncaster Local Record Centre Fact Sheet
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Doncaster Local Records Centre Annual Report 2022-2023
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Information available

Biological recording within the Doncaster Borough dates back well over 200 years. Through the years Doncaster Local Records Centre has collected nearly half a million species records including information about protected species such as: bats, Great Crested Newt, Brown Hare and Water Vole. However biological information of a sensitive nature, specifically badger records and badger sett information, is not held or provided. A summary of the data held by DLRC can be found in:

Data holdings metadata
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Species Datasets on the DLRC
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For further biological records you may also wish to contact:

What is the source of this information?

Data is provided from a variety of sources including members of the public, natural history groups, recording societies and ecological consultancies. In addition to this, Doncaster Council undertakes a rolling survey and assessment of Local Wildlife Sites to ensure that the information held for these wildlife hotspots is current, comprehensive and accurate. Since 2008 over 50% of Local Sites have been surveyed by suitably qualified surveyors.

How are the records used?

The information held by DLRC has been used by Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council, commercial and non-commercial users for a variety of purposes including:

Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council has applied the data to:

Environmental consultancies request the data mainly for planning and pre-planning applications, environmental statements and Environmental Impact Assessment. Our data has been also used by members of public and educational institutions.


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