Romans on the Don teachers pack

This is a teacher’s resource pack for classes on the Romans and Historical Enquiry at Key Stage 2 of the national curriculum.

The pack integrates the requirements of Key Stage 2 History with practical understanding of how it relates to the local area. It provides background information and a set of classroom activities based on archaeological evidence for Iron Age and Roman life in the Doncaster region. This includes raising awareness of how knowledge of the past in the area has developed through the excavation of archaeological sites in advance of aggregates quarrying.

Classroom activities

Four worksheets cover Archaeology as Historical Enquiry and the Romans. Four exercises cover four Roman archaeological sites around Doncaster. They can each be used as a stand alone resource or can be supplemented by reference to the background information.

Background Information

Aggregate extraction
Download (617KB)
Archaeology in Doncaster
Download (318KB)
Archaeology as historical enquiry
Download (761KB)
The Iron Age
Download (948KB)
The Romans
Download (888KB)

Glossary & Acknowledgements

A full glossary and page on acknowledgements are available. 


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